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Hey everyone, hope you're all enjoying Rayman as much as I am. Now I'm curious, which character do you guys like to play as. I was almost certain I'd play the whole thing as good ol' Rayman, but I'm really liking Barbara. Curious to hear who people enjoy playing as.

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I'm not likely to pick up the full game for a while, but I could see myself playing through the whole game as Barbara. I really like her design and animations.

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Rayman and Ray Plumber.

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The Midnighter.

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I've been using Raymesis ever since I unlocked him.


I believe he was also the second-to-last character you unlock in Origins.

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90% of the time, I'm Barbara. I've loved her since playing the challenge app... just so spunky. The remainder of the time I'm either Ray Plumber or one of the other women.

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Globox slides on his bum. That never gets old.