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I just got the game off of steam, because I loved the first game, but was caught off guard when I saw a daily challegne feature and can I just say.... this shit is like crack.

Only played 90minutes or so at the moment, and about half of that was in the daily challenge mode, obviously it's early days but this game is the dog's bollox.

Side note: Would anybody like to sort of add each other as friends on U-Play (who the hell uses U-play for real friends hyuck hyuck) so we can compete against one another in Legends daily challenge mode. My username is Yesiamaduck

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I'm playing on PS3 but maybe it still works. My name is brinstargonaut.

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Yeah, the daily challenge feature is fantastic. When they released it for free earlier in the year on the WiiU e-shop I played it every day for two months straight.