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A friend in high school had this and loaned it to someone who never gave it back. I searched high and low about the net for this game. Even tried Gamedude and Chip 'N Bits, but no joy. During my 2nd deployment in the Navy, my ship made a port visit to Dubai. I was with some friends at their shopping mall when we came upon a game store. They had many interesting gaming oddities such as 30-in-1 GBA carts. While gazing at the weirdness, I found a shelf of PC games. At the very top, still sealed in the shrink wrap, was Redline. My search literally took me across the globe and now it was over. I got back to the ship opened the box and started to laugh HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA. Along with a pristine disc in the case and manual, was a coupon for 10000 degrees for Heat.net. This box had never, ever, been opened. Took a bit of jigery, pokery, but I got the old dog running and there was much nostalgia. YAY!

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The first wiki page I made when I joined giantbomb. I guess these need to be merged or something. It is indeed a great game and way ahead of its of time. Hopefully it shows up on GOG sometime.