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I don't know about any of you, but seeing this makes me want the game more.

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idk, something about it just seems off.

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ign is always full of shit . i swear i have seen ten gta v articles which add nothing to the game on the website in the space of 2 days

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This seems mediocre. Only part that looks interesting to me is the architecture.

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I don't know much about IGN but everything I saw from the gameplay side of this title seemed a bit plain apart from the memory manipulation.

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I don't understand why so many people seem to be excited for this game, everything about it seems very derivative and a bit janky. I like the combo lab idea though, it was neat in HyperNep but it should make much more sense in an action game.

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I feel as though the thread title is supposed make me get angry at IGN, and want to complain about them trashing the game... But they didn't really trash it, they just pointed out the games flaws, and how they found combat boring. Maybe the game is just ok like they're saying, I dunno, havn't played it.

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Hating on IGN is almost as trite as hating on EA. I for one like Mitch Dyer and Anthony Gallegos quite a bit. I don't see how this video is any different to your average Quicklook. A totally fine precursory glance at Remember Me.

And an embed or proper hotlink would be awfully nice. Like so...

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You want to hear someone really complain about Remember Me? There you go:

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i find this game really visually appealing...hope it doesn't suck.

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It certainly looks nice aesthetically but the combat looks really bad.

The IGN guys definitely have valid complaints here, but I guess they can't because everyone hates IGN. Also, they are critics so "watching them complain" as you called it, is kind of their job. It felt like a GB quicklook of a game that the staff doesn't really enjoy.

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Remember when the developer claimed that Capcom had said that games with female leads don't sell and was the reason why they wouldn't publish it?(they eventually did)

I'm pretty sure the developer pulled a gendercard even though it was apparent that the game's fault was not in the gender of the MC, but the quality of the game.

This is going to be a 3/5 star game at the most. Calling it!

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@sumbog: @seppli: I don't actually hate IGN. But here I was a bit annoyed at a few things they have said that had more to do with their gaming ability than the game mechanics itself. Truthfully it's at about, 10:26 where he keeps missing the timed jump, and blames the game.

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The game isn't even out yet, so I cannot tell if I'm even going to like it or not. Maybe I'll agree; maybe I won't.

The jump at the end wasn't clear to me, either. ~shrug~ Granted, I haven't played the game, but he got shocked more than half the time jumping up, but apparently one part of the ledge was okay to hold on to? Then I would assume to jump on the sign, but no, it's the pipe behind it. It's cool if people get it right away, but it's not really the gamers fault if something isn't explained clearly. I probably would've done the same.

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I love Anthony and Mitch. I heard this is like Kerbal Space Program.

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traversal seems quick and the game's got a great look to it, but the combat looks stiff.

i'm less interested.

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I'm hoping that the full game will prove to be better than what some of this preview coverage indicates, but it did convince me to cancel my preorder on Amazon for the time being.

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The world looks interesting at least.

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It's a cool concept. I'm sure it'll be a great Steam sale pick up.

Also I'd rather complain about IGN. ^_^

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This was the one game I waited in line to play at PAX East, and it was NOT worth the wait. Everything about it seemed off--the graphics were super iffy, the combat was a total Arkham Asylum half-ass, climbing was Uncharted lite, and even the "secrets" had to be found as you moved along the predetermined path.

If the game was coming out in November or December, I'd have a little more hope. Seeing how it's out in June, I think it's gonna be a pass for me.

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I think the game looks okay. IGN guys seemed too over critical about everything that the game had to offer (That's their job right?). Basic combat was a direct copy of Batman games, but that isn't a bad thing. Combo labs thing looked interesting and could be fun making your own combos. Also the orchestral music glitched-the-fuck-out sounded pretty awesome.

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@altairre said:

You want to hear someone really complain about Remember Me? There you go:

Loading Video...

Love that video. "It's her, the ESCAPED MEMORY HUNTER!" He sounds like a parody!

These are people who've played the game. Even IGN said, "watching this is more exciting than playing it".

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Meh. You can't spell ignorance without IGN. I haven't even batted an eye at them for years now.

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@assinass said:


Hahaha. Yeah, that was good.

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Games looks really boring from what they showed in that video but then again I was never interested in this game so maybe its just me. I mean sure the game has style to it but not so much so that I would want to play it just to see the game and then the combat looks pretty standard so I'm not seeing the appeal of this game honestly.

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I agree with the OP. This only just makes me want it more.
Hearing him complain that it's slow and has too much story stuff just makes want it more.

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To me it looks like the Ign player, isn't even bothering to chain anything properly with dodges. No matter how good a combat system is, if all you do is mindlessly mash, its going to feel terrible.

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The gameplay doesnt look that bad to me. In the end it is a game that costs 40 euros on steam.

Going to buy it since it comes out at a time when the gaming landscape is pretty much a wasteland.

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This looks really really interesting. I'm watching this with the sound off cos' yeah but the thing captivates me at least.

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It is definitely aesthetically pleasing, and so far I'm a fan of the score. However, I do agree with the IGN dudes; the combat does look awkward and tedious, at least at the beginning.

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Well I dont like the design of the female protagonist ..... so that is a minus for me :/

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Huh , this is my kind of game but it doesn't seem very good . Hope I'm wrong .

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It looks pretty good to me. Still planning on getting this. The premise and look of the game is pretty great. Arkham combo system + PoP traversal looks good enough.

Has some minor flaws in the combo flow and the camera in traversal but nothing dealbreaker-ish, but I guess I wasn't expecting an 5 star game, more 4 star and this looks it could easily be that.

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Video gamer really burned the game, not sure I will play it either.

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I'm not surprised as the promotional videos all looked terrible.

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I cancelled my pre-order as I've got too big a backlog. Still intend to pick it up though and if it has come down a little in price by then it'll be a bonus.

I do like the concept, but my main concern is that I find Capcom controls a little hit and miss. I hear the Arkham comparison a lot, and I do hope it falls into that kind of flow rather then a Dead Rising.

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@mctangle said:

Meh. You can't spell ignorance without IGN. I haven't even batted an eye at them for years now.

Wow thats pretty clever, did you come up with that all by yourself ?

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@kpaadet: Haha no way dude. I totally hired a team of undergraduate English students to do it for me. Sick burn! Videogames

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Ugh I hate little gameplay, long cutscene, little gameplay, long cutscene. Looks like a skip for me.

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Ugh I hate little gameplay, long cutscene, little gameplay, long cutscene. Looks like a skip for me.

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Looks like a game that I would pick up during a Steam sale.

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This reminds me of Hydrophobia for some reason. Like, if somebody tried real hard to make Hydrophobia artsy and "clever".


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Looks pretty interesting to me.

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Honestly this looks like a sale purchase on steam at the very least, the world looks great and while the story could be hit or miss, the combat doesn't look as bad to me as this ign dude is saying

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At first I'd think it'd be interesting, but towards the end of the IGN video I wasn't so sure. Then the videogamer video just sealed the deal on the game not being for me. Though I've never given the game a thought beyond this thread.

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I had this pre-ordered, and was very excited. After reading a couple of previews on how the combat is janky, game play is extremely linear, I started to get pre-order remorse. So I just cancelled it, got my $45 best buy rewards zone back and ordered Sleeping Dogs and Side Effects DVD/Blu-ray. The game could be really good, but I will just wait until I see how it turns out.

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I'm gonna miss Anthony..

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I'm more upset by the audio levels than by anything they say.

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@evanbower: lol yea, they are mixed way down so during any swell in music from the game they are drowned out... I don't often watch IGN content but you'd have to imagine that have more dudes able to look at that kinda stuff then most other sites? Right?

Most of the 'bad' things talked about seem to stress the guys just have some fatigue with gaming, cause Remember Me is a pretty decent mid-teir game with a unique idea pushing it forward. It's combat can be clunky, but it's also better than the majority of third person games in the past because it basically follows the blueprint of Arkham Asylum and does it 'mostly' correct, more correct then any of the other recent copy cats etc. That style of combat has to be perfect though or else it feel clunky, and frankly anyone that wasn't doing a 100% perfect job in the Batman games also made the combat feel clunky too, cause that's the nature of it when it's momentum based like that.. when you screw up just a bit you feel it really hard. If traversal in Remember Me was very very smooth and incorporated the feeling of free running similar to Mirror's Edge (hard to do) it would have been more ok to have the combat as clunky as it can be. All that sort of amounts to saying if a game was better, it would be better. Sometimes there's just something in there that some can appreciate and some cannot, all based on personal tastes and everything else related such as personal history with games and general viewpoint and mood going into something.

Remember Me is a game made to those exact specifications that I think make up an ideal game for myself, this exact brand of story and tone and world building is what seems to really rev me up, and all that means is I can forgive other things more than most. These types of games are rad and if you end up digging them can be welcome oases you can love while other people get hung up on the mechanical parts that rub them the wrong way.