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Was just looking at the wikipedia page for Resident Evil 2 and saw an entry about a fan made remake of RE2 and i can barely contain myself!

Now realistically the game will either never come out because Capcom obviously will find a way to shut this down even if their intentions are to release this for free or the game will actually come out and be terrible.

But in the of chance this does come out and is decent this is the best gaming news i've heard this year. RE2 is of course scientifically recognized as the 4th greatest game of all time after all.

They are aiming to offer both the fixed camera of old and over the shoulder viewpoint of more modern entry in the franchise. Here are some alpha videos. All this is obviously pretty early in development but still.

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This appears to be the official site.

I'm sure at least one @yummylee will be pretty excited by this.

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Wow. Those footsteps are giving me mad nostalgia.

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Is there a precedent for capcom fan projects? I know we expect them to respond negatively to this but I want to say they have let different fan games slip by depending on their scale.

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Hot damn... So, is this its own thing, and not an RE4 mod? It's obviously using the RE4 RPD cop costume, but from the looks of those animations, I guess it is all being built from the ground up. Which is probably why it won't fly, either; if it was just an incredibly complex mod for, say, the new port of RE4 on PC then maybe they'd have a better chance of keeping it afloat. But then it would also probably be much more complicated in putting together.

Though truth be told, even if this was released and worked as intended it's obviously going to be restricted for PC, so I wouldn't be able to play the damn thing anyway =(. But still, mega props to the people putting this together. A lot of attention to detail for sure, like how they've even given Leon his more ginger-y hair of RE2 as opposed to the auburn hair he had in RE4. And who knows, even if they're not able to officially release this thing, maybe they'll at least get some jobs out of it.

Also, the RPD main hall music still gives me the chills to this day.

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@yummylee: They are building it from scratch using Unity engine.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed they can pull through if only because they have fixed camera and tank controls in there!

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@pr1mus: For sure, and it would at the very least make for a wonderful success story if they could pull this off. Reminds me as to whatever happened to that RE 1.5. restoration project. Did they ever actually finish that completely?

Oh wow, that first video has almost 150K views, so it's definitely getting itself a lot of exposure, too. If it is to be cut short, hopefully Capcom will do it sooner rather than later... though they have to be at least aware of its existence by now?

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I loved the hell out of RE2, so if they can pull it off that would be great. Seems like a really difficult thing to do though.

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oh man i hope capcom let's the do this i would be so happy

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@yummylee said:

Also, the RPD main hall music still gives me the chills to this day.

i had to stop watching that first video because it still makes me uneasy. something about it makes me hold my breath. as much as i love Resident Evil 2, i kind of don't want to go back to it because it freaks me out.

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@ajayraz: dork

For real tho I love this. I didn't play Resi 2 at the time -still haven't played it actually- but the fact they're redoing it to be a bit like 4, which Is one of my favourite games ever? Count me in you wankers.

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It has to have loading screens between each room, and that loading screen has to be a creepy door floating in a black void. If they don't have that then Capcom should do what is right and stop this blasphemy!

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A shame they couldn't have also tried to implement pre-rendered backgrounds, but with the over-the-shoulder option to account for, I guess that isn't possible.

It has to have loading screens between each room, and that loading screen has to be a creepy door floating in a black void. If they don't have that then Capcom should do what is right and stop this blasphemy!

Indeed! I also wonder if they're going to mimic RE2 bit by bit, or will throw in some curve-balls to keep fans of the original guessing--new enemies, environments, items placements ect.--like what Mikami did with the first remake.

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It still boggles my mind how Capcom hasn't done any kind of remakes of 2 in this exact style. There's clear demand for such a thing and Capcom could use the goodwill.

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@yummylee: On the Wikipedia page it says they're recreating all of RE2's environments and will throw in some additional locations.

Specifically it says: will feature all the locations in the original Resident Evil 2 game and some new locations introduced in other media.

Not sure what that bit about "introduced in other media" means though.

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whoa whoa whoa wait, that's a unity3d engine game? wha? Is that even possible?

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@pr1mus: Stuff from the novelisation or something? Or Resident Evil Apocalypse... Though if they're as dedicated a fan as they say they are to Resident Evil, then they shouldn't even dare acknowledge any of that shit's existence :P Plus I don't recall much of that movie actually being set in the R.P.D. station.

Still, whatever they're planning, it's neat to hear they'll be tossing in some of their own ideas into the pot.

@marokai said:

It still boggles my mind how Capcom hasn't done any kind of remakes of 2 in this exact style. There's clear demand for such a thing and Capcom could use the goodwill.

What could they realistically do with it, though? They could make a faithful remake ala Mikami's remake of the original, but that unfortunately wouldn't sell very well. In fact the first remake didn't sell very well in the first place, which is what inspired Mikami to try to broaden the appeal of the series. Though to be fair, having it stuck on the Gamecube can't have helped those sales numbers. The other option would be to remake it in the vein similar to what the series looks like now. And while I can't profess to speak for everyone who'd want an RE2 remake, but if they're like me they'd rather not see such a classic get butchered like that.

I would presume that Revelations was their answer for trying to come to a compromise of how a modern-day RE2 remake might look, but I don't think that sold especially well. At this point they're probably more focused on trying to decide what in the Hell Resident Evil should even look like nowadays, before they could then port those ideas to a hypothetical RE2 remake.

I've always wished they would just at the very least release an Ultimate RE2 edition that could pack all of the content amongst the game's many, many ports. But I guess they're too busy working on yet even more ports of RE4... Which is understandable I suppose. You can't get any safer than trying to bring Resident Evil back in the minds eye with the most universally loved one of the bunch.

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The chances of this coming out are about the same as Jeff Goldblum being Giant Bomb's new hire, but (and this applies to both of the things I just said) I want it to happen so badly I could poo.

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@yummylee: I have to wonder who much it would cost to produce an RE2 remake in the same veins as REmake. It can't be that expensive really. They could put a small team to work on that and release this on every platforms for 20$. REmake's problem was being full priced on a platform almost no one owned, especially in 2002 when it came out. Had they released it on PS2 they would have had 4-5 times the sales probably.

As for a remake similar to RE4 i would probably still like it. I think RE4 striked a great balanced between more action and still feel very much like a survival horror game. Two conditions though, the soundtrack and locations need to be intact and don't force the coop. The game as currently designed would be perfect to accommodate both. Leon A/Claire A becomes the coop scenario and Claire A/Leon B is the solo players scenario.

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@pr1mus: Lost in Nightmares I've always thought of as a decent experiment of how a modern-day survival horror Resident Evil game would look like -- minus the coop of course. But then Lost in Nightmares was this 1 hour long thing with like a single enemy type, which couldn't hold up for a whole game. Still, while I could see the core gameplay structure of RE4 working within a survival horror setup, that would only be if they keep to the exploratory design of RE2 and every other classic RE game. Maybe don't shower you with ammunition either, nor have enemies drop the stuff whence killed. That was always the key aspect of RE4 that I think separates it from the older games, with the way the game rewards you with more ammo and supplies for killing enemies, when you were once supposed to ideally avoid combat at all costs.

I guess to account for the more precising aiming afforded by the over-the-shoulder perspective, they could maybe make your aim a little shakier like The Last of Us at that. Going in for melee attacks would also have to be a much trickier proposition as well; it would need a risk/reward sort of dynamic, where being able to maybe get close and stab the zombie in the eye obviously puts it down quicker. But getting in that close means there's the risk of also getting bitten or something... I don't know how that would necessarily work -- maybe something related to reading the zombie's grogginess or whatever. Making the game randomise certain elements like enemy and item placements would also go a long way in making it seem scarier too, and could keep to the series usual sense of replayability without it also diminishing the potential for fear. It's what made me playing the Director's Cut of the original Resident Evil a couple of years ago still so effective. Resident Evil 3 also dabbled in that sorta thing too, but not quite to the same degree as I would have liked. If anything it was undoubtedly just a quick fix to make up for the fact of how short it was compared to RE2.

In any case, The Evil Within is getting ever closer to its release, so I'm certainly curious to see how Mikami has tried to tackle this conundrum. Because it definitely is a tough situation to find yourself in, and I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom are at least keeping their cards close to their chest until they see what Mikami has to say about it all.

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This is almost exactly the Resident Evil 2 remake I've imagined in my head. This is also never coming out. It will either prove too ambitious for what is undoubtedly a small team of amateurs working part time or too litigious to escape Capcom's view. Still, The RE 1.5 restoration guys release new screenshots on their facebook page at a pretty steady clip, so I'll believe they still have a chance. That might be enough Resident Evil for me.

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This is a super piece of portfolio work!

This looks good but won't come out and I'm not a snarky douche!

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Beyond whatever this ends up being, it makes me wonder even more what RE7 is going to be.

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@yummylee said:

I would presume that Revelations was their answer for trying to come to a compromise of how a modern-day RE2 remake might look, but I don't think that sold especially well.

They said that the HD version sold over a million copies, which is pretty damn good considering it's a port of a handheld game.

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Looks fucking aswome, but knowing Capcom I don't think it'll see the light or day. Unless they get some type of benefit from it.

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If only Capcom would take this, run with it, and put it on consoles.

I'd be there ready to buy it when it came out.

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It would be pretty rad if Capcom eventually remade RE2 and RE3 ala REmake, if nothing else for the sake of consistency. Unfortunately, this project will probably never see the light of day. Things along this line have a tendency to either fizzle out or get extinguished by big wigs. It sucks, but that's just how it rolls. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a legit remake one day though.

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Agh I can feel that music right in my spine.

Time to download RE2 off the PSN and replay it a few dozen times, I guess.

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I know this isn't an original opinion, but I would buy a recreation of RE1-3 using RE4's game mechanics without thinking about it. The second video kinda bummed me out though; I don't think I'd bother with tank controls.

Now if we have options between those two choices...

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Like how they redone the shot of Chris & Jill with their remake models. It's apparently going to be playable sometime in April, too... Again, really wish Capcom would decide sooner rather than later if they're going to let this slide. Having them continue on with this project, putting in all of this extra work only for Capcom to close it down at the last minute would be so cruel. Then again, I suppose that's exactly what happened with that Streets of Rage unofficial remake/compilation/thing.

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Release date is set at December 2014, I'm pretty stoked. Source

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Seems cool, but still doesn't look at good as Gamecube RE1.

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Looking at more recent videos they've already come a long way in the 4 months since i originally posted this. I'm going from intrigued to cautiously optimistic now.

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smart thing to do would be for capcpom to just hire the team and release it officially. id have to pay for it but the quality would surely be better as a result...


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that looks amazing and I forgot how great the soundtrack was. man I have a hard time controlling my nostalgia right now.