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As of the moment I am sending this, a fish has reached a total height of 49719 meters. It is continuing to ascent at approximately 9.4 meters per second. Even the stars are gone. At this point I can only wonder whether it will finally reach some limit (perhaps at 99999m), or if it will continue to slip the surly bonds of earth until my iPhone's battery expires.

I have also established that an ordinary shotgun can indeed reach targets at this height. However, I cannot bring myself to end this unnatural phenomenon.

I am paralyzed and yet vaguely enthralled.

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You must provide pictures or video of this event, that fish is on a journey and it should be shared.

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I have indeed captured a screenshot of this giant leap for fishkind. I regret that I cannot share it as yet, because I fear that switching applications to do so will somehow disrupt the fish, thus destroying the event I intend to document.

The fish just passed 55555 meters. I clapped softly.

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BAH. I decided to take a chance by pausing the game and sending the screenshot. Doing so did indeed destroy the voyage. Now I will have to attempt to reproduce it.

But, so that the piscine astronaut can be remembered properly, here is the pic:

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Upwards, ye fish!

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Are there leaderboards for this? That is pretty high...

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I have reporduced this. With the same fish type. and it is going up now. with about the same speed. i just reach about 14k now and still going up.

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I love this game. Just downloaded it for Android. Had my eye on it since it was launched on the iphone.