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All the crazy articles and what not.  I wonder what he has been up to.

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I imagine he's working out Cape Fear style to get back at Reggie.

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Should he even have a page on here out of curiosity?

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When indie development goes horribly horribly wrong :(

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I don't care if he was serious or not, I still got a kick out of it.

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He has currently started a new company with Tim Rogers from Kotaku.com/gamesTM called Action Button Entertainment. The company apparently has 5 games in development and are currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Who knows what type of output we will see from this pair, they're both pretty... out there.

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I'm listening to old Bombcasts right now and had to look up this guy, he has a page but his game doesn't, surprised by that

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Link to the hotspot/bomb cast episode whet they talked about him?

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Fuuuuccckkk. Bob's Game, I remember this. This guy was fucking nuts.