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If you saw the most recent mailbag you might have noticed a couple of things: the United States Postal Service broke another drink package, Jeff is excited to play a gigantic girl in a video game, and there was confusion if Titus' RoboCop game ever came out in the United States. Well for the third point it did indeed come out in the United States and our very own Alexander Navarro review this game...AND IT DAMN NEAR KILLED HIM!

For those that don't remember the old days of GameSpot when Aaron Thomas was interviewing everyone, you cooked with Tim, and Ryan Davis was trying to get you to embrace side-talkin' Gregg Kasavin started a video feature where the editorial staff would create videos showing off what went into reviewing games. Well when Alex had the opportunity to do his own version of said video feature he had RoboCop, and the results where as follows:

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Robocop received a 2.2 at GameSpot. Here's Alex's actual review of RoboCop which is almost as hilarious as the previous video:

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Man Alex has some of the best reviews on gamespot still. I miss those old reviews of shitty games but I guess that's kinda what some quick looks are now kinda sorta

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I can't wait for Alex's review of the Robocop remake.

I also got quite a bit of enjoyment because this video was a suggestion after the review.

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Free Robocop for you Alex!

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Wish they did more silly stuff like this in a non-GOTY context.

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This is common knowledge.

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Birth of a Legend.

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Wow, look at those CRT monitors. wow. I wonder if they are VGA or SVGA.

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This is common knowledge.

Sure it is, but nothing wrong in reminding ourselves of the infinite wisdom of the Navarro.

Thanks to the Robocop for XBox review, I honestly still occasionally weigh purchases against a nice meatball sandwich.

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This is common knowledge.

Exactly, which is why it's odd that Jeff and Brad weren't entirely sure if Alex reviewed a RoboCop game in the first place.

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"Jeff is a bad person".

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This is common knowledge.

Well I didn't know. SO THERE!

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I like that despondent music..

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This is common knowledge.

You're common knowledge!

So, there!

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I have seen this video dozens of times throughout the years. Oh the good ol days.

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This is not the first time I've seen old Gamespot stuff on here... Brings back memories :)

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I wish that you could still find all the old Gamespotting Lives from the early 2000's on their website still. Most of them give you URL errors. There used to be a guy on Youtube that uploaded most of the video segments from the Gamespotting blogs but now most of them have been taken down. Those produced the best video features on that site before On the Spot was created.