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So I finished my NG+ in Rogue Legacy at around 100 or so children. I felt it was such a brilliant game that it warranted another playthrough; furthermore, I had more upgrades to pick up and the raised difficulty in the zones made it a new, challenging endeavor.

Upon finishing my NG+, I was quite surprised to see that Rogue Legacy offers a second NG+. I could not possibly fathom what could hook me for a 3rd go around, so I loaded up a new child and went into the castle again. And holy fuuuuuck - Rogue Legacy is CRAZY on the second NG+!

I'm talking 3-4 blue eye balls spewing red shit all over the screen, ice mages launching thousands of icicles, fire mages throwing the HUGE fireballs in packs of 3-4. All of this in the first 2-3 tiles I loaded up.

With that, I do believe I'm done with Rogue Legacy. It is a brilliant game I'd recommend to almost anybody, but yo, you'd have to be mad to go through with a second NG+. At level 165, I'm calling it quits, and I salute anybody who continues the grind for gold!

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NG+2 and beyond is just run past every enemy with an assassin and go fight the bosses since they're not any more difficult; roughly half of all the NG+2 rooms are nigh impossible to not take damage on in the process of clearing them out. The highest level is 507. Why? Who the hell knows.

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The first room I entered in NG+2 was a tall, skinny room with 2 or 3 skeletons at the very top. And since all(?) skeletons in NG+2 are McRibs (the super skeletons that toss like 8 bones at a time), it was a nonstop downpour of bones. That's when I realized that maybe moving up to NG+2 wasn't such a great idea.

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If you had asked me a week ago, I had doubts about being able to finish the regular game, as I was stuck on the forest boss. But this weekend I finished NG+4. At the end of the regular game, right before the final boss, I was able to pretty much clear out the entire castle on one life, and fell totally awesome doing so for surviving that long. Once I beat the game and hit NG+1, I felt powerless and had to build back up by getting more upgrades and better gear, so I wouldn't die 3 rooms in. Eventually though I was back to clearing out the whole place. This progression continued up until NG+3 where I was maxed out on gear and upgrades. I went on to NG+4 to see if it was doable by me. It was, but the strategy became one of always just skipping as much regular enemies as possible and finding teleports and boss rooms, and always just locking down the castle since gold didn't matter anymore. That wasn't nearly as fun, so I'm probably done with this game unless I come back to it later and start over. It's one of my favorite games I played this year though.

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You think NG+2 is tough, NG+3 is a bitch and NG+4... that's where I draw the line. I've already maxed everything out so I'm done with the game.

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NG+8 is where I am currently at. 2/4 bosses down. I really wanna see how far this rabbit hole goes.

Character level stops at 507. Then it's nothing but stat upgrades from faerie chests and bosses.

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling burnt out by NG+2.

I've got into a spiral of suicide running for teleporters, locking the castle, then suicide running for the bosses, and I'm not really getting anywhere. I usually die within 3 or 4 rooms.

I can't believe that, looking back, I thought playthrough 1 was hard....

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If you're in NG++, equip a grace rune and it will drop the difficulty down to NG+ level. I had to do this to survive long enough to collect the rest of the blueprints.