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I just beat the game after 102 often frustrating runs. How did you do on your first time through?


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I just beat the game, 158 children, 22 hours. Took me a lot longer than you!

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124 I think. Was kind of milking it at the last 10, just went around the castle hoarding money.

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It was like 21 hours and 172 children, I had a bunch of really, really terrible runs at the start of the game. I'm in NG+2 now with 220-something now and I think I have seen all the game has to offer.

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100 something; level 0 took 522 and 40 hours.

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Just made it through today. Great game.

Gonna be a while before I tackle legacy plus.

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I just finished the game today. I had 52 children and my time was 6:41. I was level 84. It was a lot of fun!

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I finished my first playthrough at approximately 65. I think I topped 100 going through a new game plus; it also doesn't help that I simply cannot play anything except a Hokage, Assassin, Paladin, or Barbarian. Being able to re-roll your 3 children was the best upgrade I ever purchased in that game!

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I think I had something obscene like around 300 at 20 hours. A lot of that was probably due to not locking down the castle and trying to get enough gold to upgrade stuff, or I'm terrible at the game.

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74 after about 12 hours. Feel like the last 10 were for the final encounter. Another 10 towards the 3rd boss, who was a real bastard. But I rolled from a victory over the 3rd boss to a victory over the 4th with the same hero, it was fucking epic!

He died shortly thereafter. :(

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152. I feel like a gamepad is the proper way to play the game, but that the Xbox gamepad is not. Analog sticks are not what this game was meant for and that D-pad is, of course, terrible.

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I have no idea what this game is about. I don't know what you're doing to those kids, and I'm not sure I want to.


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150 in 18 hours. I spent a while upgrading and exploring so I'm sure it could be lower than that.

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I think I beat after 112. I was dumb not upgrading my carry weight, so I was using mostly basic items.

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88 I think? 80-something for sure.

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138ish. It is the dark future and we still use swords.

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112 children at 16:28. I was brute forcing the final boss that may have cost me around 15 children.

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Maaaan, I had like 250.

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Brad's stream made me decide to finish off the final boss after I had quit following some annoying attempts. 103. In the end it turned out a boring old paladin with dagger, that I had to turn to because the other two options were horrific, did the trick.

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Man, you are all monsters. I'm dying left and right.

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Finally did it. Clocked in at like 353 or something. That would have been about seriously 30-40 shorter if the last boss hadn't fucked me up so much. Then I finally got a tip to try Archmage with dagger. It works really well on both bosses. Although you need not get hit cause the archmage goes down like a lightweight. The pros are you can literally sit there and spam daggers and win as long as the boss stays stunlocked from the daggers.

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Finally beat it. I kept doing poorly when fighting Ponce de Leon, once I finally beat that I only needed a few more runs.


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Something like 230 children across 50 hours. I have the bad habit of trying to upgrade everything.

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Don't have a screen grab to back this up, but I think around 215? I went for all the upgrades and brute forced my way through a bunch of the bosses...

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I just bought it yesterday and I'm up to 30. Hoo boy...