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I don't care if I never heard of the first Rugby Challenge, I need to know if the sequel is worth my purchasing dollars.

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I don't care about Rugby but i care about another Jeff and Vinny sports game quick look. A lot.

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Yes! Bring on the Giant Bomb Sports Experts Jeff and Vinny on this one!

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Hang the fuck on....Sidhe Interactive? The Shatter guys? Now I have to know if the soundtrack to this is on some next level shit like Shatter was....

Also yeah looking forward to a Jeff n Vinny QL.

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Yes, somebody hit them up on Twitter or something. This needs to happen.

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Yes please.

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Make it so.

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its been a while since ive played a rugby game, 04 i wanna say. might take a lookie look at this

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Americans + middling sports knowledge + sport from the UK sounds like a recipe for success.

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Wait, this is eSports, right??
But seriously, this has potential to be a great Quick Look - especially if it has lots of logos in it...