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Jimmy Kimmel does a segment called "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" and guess who got their mean tweet read? Giant Bomb's very own Taswell. I'll admit, I did a double take, but it very much was Ryan. Somehow I think it's appropriate that Ryan still gets his shots in from beyond the grave.

Link here.

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Thanks for posting, I believe this topic was already covered the other day though

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Respect!!! <>

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@wolfgame: Didn't notice it on the Ryan Davis page. Thanks for the heads up.

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Been there done that.

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Been there done that.

Did not see that. Thanks :) If the mods feel like banishing this thread to internet purgatory, feel free.

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@colonel_fury: Your thread title makes it sound like Ryan actually showed up on Jimmy Kimmel instead of them simply reading one of his tweets. Now that would have really been something.

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@colonel_fury: Shit gets lost in General Discussion real fast. But at least I might have found this on Ryan's page. Either way a first for me. Thanks for posting. It was hoot and a holler.

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Stick to the other thread, please.