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I'm thinking of recording a western ballad; Thought I should see what people think of the lyrics first.

Yeah it gets cheesy at the end but hey.

Edit: Here's the finished version (27 May 2014): The Ballad of Ryan Davis (Soundcloud)

The Ballad of Ryan Davis

The man named Ryan Davis

He was half man, half damn SimGolf machine

But still he's more a man

Than any other man was or could ever have been


Papa Bear in yesteryear

He trotted through time with ease

The rowb'ts knew his Poké-weakness

Koffing made him giddy at the knees


He rode a horse-meet-rider

Into town when Ghost Fish Was around

The two met eye to eye despite

The fact that ghost fish lay upon the ground



The Ghost fish sniggered loudly

It said "You can't beat me you know"

It held an ancient copy

Of "You can't Stop Mr Domino"


Ryan wouldn't let this stand

That game was better than the best

He decided that until the game was

Safe Ghost Fish would never rest


He shouted Hey everyone it's Tuesday

And it's time to get that fish right outta town

So he made a Giant Bomb

And rider-meet-horse, he climbed on down



The Taswell and the fish they stared

And on this went for days and days

Til o'er the hill came Ryan's posse

Whiskey came and everybody was amaze- d


He said Batm'n Batm'n Batm'n

And Whiskey backed their man in the fight

They fought alongside Davis

All day, but were victorious in the night


As if a single victory

Was not enough to satiate his hungry thirst

Ryan set out to right the wrongs, but make

The wrongers laugh their god damn pants off first



He was the victor against China,

He had Daytona USA

He shat all over Game Room,

And he conquered Dragon Ball Zay…


He won the Brono Trigger

He was better than FTL

He beat Mark of the Ninja

And had a gentleman's agreement with Saints Row the Third.


But the final win for Davis

Was the greatest triumph off the charts

Unparalleled in everything

He won all of our souls and all our hearts



Ryan was a great man

Leaking happiness right up until the end

And though many never met him

We considered him… a friend


So Thank you Ryan Davis

You have filled our days and nights with endless glee

I hope you're up there in the Game Room

In the Sky enjoying Half Life 3

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I like it, but only if, the background singers are singing the monday song.

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Heh, that's great!

We also need a sea shanty, a corrido, and a doo wop song.

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@shagge said:

Heh, that's great!

We also need a sea shanty, a corrido, and a doo wop song.

I second this.

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Monday in the background is doable, as well as the giant bombcast theme song whistled in one of the breaks.

Anybody speak Spanish? [Edit: For the corrido]

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:) This made my morning.

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Mods! Please feature this! This shit is gold! Great job MaddenedMan. Ryan would've liked this.

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That is amazing.

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Thanks duders. It was a rewarding exercise.

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Can't listen to this until I get home, regardless, I am thumbs upping this to the fullest possible extent.

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That's amazing duder. Great job!

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The song version completly amazed me. Congrats!

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Fantastic, i can picture him literally rolling in the floor from laughing -"this is the greatest, dumbest thing"- he cries

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This is pretty awesome. Good job!

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Wait, why would you bump this again when you already made a new thread for it anyway?

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@yummylee: Sorry. I figured I'd give this thread closure. Didn't really think that through fully in retrospect.