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https://twitter.com/VinnyCaravella/status/354343231980453889 (1st part)

https://twitter.com/VinnyCaravella/status/354343356412854273 (2nd part)

again, i say "Mini Tribute" cause im sure Vinny has something more elaborate in the works, or he will write something more elaborate in his tumblr

but as time passes, tweets like these will eventually get lost and be hard to find.

so again posting this for the sake of archiving them to the Ryan Davis forum page as i still think its a tribute like anyone else.

Vinny and Ryan were especially close as other than them being one of the best duos for a QL. when "Gertsmanngate" happened in 07, for that brief period before they left as well, Vinny and Ryan especially held it down together at Gamespot, as Vinny became the host of the gamespot podcast the hotspot and ryan was essentially his point man.

an example of some of the shenanigans they did during that time

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@mrfluke: I like that you're posting all these things, but shouldn't it be all under the same thread? Using your own words: threads like these will eventually get lost and be hard to find.

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time to unplug ryan... time to unplug

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These are breaking my heart =(

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@winternet: its all archived under the page though, and id like to give the main people who we at least have knowledge of who were very good friends with ryan their own thread.

ill do one that groups together other people's (who to our knowledge, werent as close with ryan) responses ( people like cliffy and johnantan blow, adam sessler and keighley all shared condolences) later when this whole thing cools down.

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@mrfluke: it's good what you're doing, man. This stuff needs to be remembered in some way.

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That made me cry.

Fuckin' Vinny! Even in the worst situations he's always good for a laugh. I needed that.

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@pillclinton: appreciate the kind words, (also appreciate the mods not coming down on me for this as well)

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Leave it to Vinny to make me smile with that tweet.