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Brand new trailer, i think this is the best looking launch game by far. Of course the combat is still up in the air, but damn Crytek has sold me on the setting and the visual fidelity/ Hopefully the combat is not crap, but hey i played through Crysis 3 so............

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Also some Tweets from well games people?

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Ryse looks like this generation's Heavenly Sword.

Generic action game that's genuinely fun to watch.

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It'll probably be one of those games that a lot of people buy and show off to other people as a means of demo-ing the power of the new system.

Hopefully it'll be good, but I'm not getting an Xbox One this year, so I'll not be playing it.

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Out of every launch game, it looks the best. I'm pretty disappointed that the PS4 only has one exclusive launch game (Killzone being the only one that matters anyway) but Deadrising 3 and Ryse look pretty cool alone. I look forward to watching videos of Ryse in action, and hopefully one day playing it myself

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I thought Heavenly Sword is a fine action game especially for a release title so Ryze should be okay as long they have a girl riding a cart suspended on a line up side down!

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Ugh... Gary Whitta. I mean I kind of like the guy especially so in his pcgamer days but that man is a terrible screenwriter. Book of Eli was okay I guess but the best part of it was the direction and the cinematography. The episode of the walking dead game that he wrote was easily the weakest of an already overrated (but still pretty good) series. And then After Earth was just hot garbage, easily one of the worse movies released this whole year.

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@gw305: What does that have to do with this thread?

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Ryse looks.....fine. I'm sure it'll be a completely serviceable launch game that gives peoples something to play. Maybe not the reason to get an X one, but as an additive to the consoles worth.

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@gw305: Book of Eli was pretty good, but that was probably due to denzel wash.

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@milkman said:

@gw305: What does that have to do with this thread?

I think he meant to post in a thread on The Walking Dead.

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I dunno, I'm thinking the story might actually better than God of War. Looks written like Spartucus, or something.

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I hope the game turns out to be good. Nice to see some positive impressions here.

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Glad to see it's not just easy quick time events for a whole game. Sure is pretty.

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@andorski said:

Ryse looks like this generation's Heavenly Sword.

Generic action game that's genuinely fun to watch.

You hit the nail right on the fucking head.

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You can't fool me, Crytek. I played Beyond Two Souls. I know a moviegame when I see one.