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This looks completely goddamn insane. I was a little worried that this was just padded DLC, but I was dead wrong.

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It looks Good but man it looks so much like SR3 i will wait on this one. Also jeff was right. Its better to get this on PC cause the frame rate near the end looks terrible.

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Will definitely watch this once I finish the Bombcast. I've been wanting to see an Expedient Gander of this game to allay my Saints Row 3.5 fears (not that a half-sequel doesn't still have all my hypes).

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Just wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. This makes the bank heist and brothel missions in SR3 look sane.

Skewering bad modern military shooters. The mission is called Zero Saints Thirty and has the Boss hitching a ride on an ICBM while "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" blares as you fucking DISMANTLE IT BY HAND".

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Oh my god, that hub world is just about the best thing.

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I'm not sure I can resist watching this.

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I'm not sure I can resist watching this.

I was about to, but playing through the same mission you watched two weeks prior can be a huuuge turn off so nope - I'm keeping clean.

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I want to watch that but nope, just nope. I'll wait until the game comes out.