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Now that there's actual footage of SR4 out in the wild, I'm feeling a little more confident about the game. Looking around the forums gives the impression that Volition's marketing has put a lot of people off and that general sentiment is a little wary. Frankly, considering that the marketing for SR3 had the same effect, I'm not terribly surprised. It wasn't really until people were able to play the game for themselves that people really started to latch onto it.

Either way, the new footage looks pretty promising. While the video is a little random for the sake of being random at times ("We decided Saints Row needed a Mech" etc.) the promise of being able to run around Steelport as a super-powered President still sounds great. Hell, graphically the game even looks a little nicer than I expected, and the added verticality to Steelport is promising.

How's everyone else feeling?

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"The leader of the Saints is now the President of the United States."


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Good music at the start there

oh wow, I recognized that intersection at Friendly Fire, Man I played SR3 alot...

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I like all the new stuff but the whole city is giving me tremendous deja vu. Maybe it won't be like that the entire game or this is just early footage but I hope it won't end up looking QUITE so much like SR3.

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DAT STUNNER! The superpowers look really fun and as long they maintain the quality writing I'll be fine running around the city, shattering people and using the force (god damn you Force Unleashed II, you had so much potential). This and GTAV are going to satisfy my open world hunger this year.

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A Dubstep gun? Seriously?

I'm in.

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This looks hilarious.

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I still don't know. But that video leaves a better impression than I had.

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I'm going to play SR4 regardless of pretty much anything, but the general "sameness" of a lot of what they're showing is a little off-putting. However, I am hyped about the addition of Crackdown-esque building leaping super powers.

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After that gameplay, I'm in. I was already in but now I'm in.

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Looks cool, won't buy it (if it all) until it goes cheap. GTA V is right around the corner, baby!

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This DLC looks so zany and random xD

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The powers look super fun. I wish they had changed the UI to not make me think I'm playing some expansion of SR3

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I will just copy and paste my dumb post from the video comments

Thought it looked super uninteresting up until the super powers were shown. Super powers are cool.

Novelty guns like the dubstep gun and the inflator guns look super boring. I like weapons that let you be creative in how you use them and interact with the world. These are just "haha I shot at the guy and his head went big and blew up haha. Lets do that again.". Funny for about the first 5 times you use them. The real hilarity in games comes from being able to manipulate the world in cool ways like blowing up buildings in RF:G using remote charges and the sledgehammer only to have the building fall on top of you.

The open world in saints row always seems so lifeless and dull compared to stuff like GTA4 and aspects of RF:G.

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The dubstep gun is sure to get old fast but still that's pretty awesome. I gotta say for the traversal side of the superpowers they seem to have totally ripped off Prototype but whatever I liked Prototype's traversal so it's all good with me.

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I was ready to write this off as just more SR3, as it looks really similar, until they got to the super powers. They seem pretty cool, and a little different.

Dubstep gun is great though.

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Looks awesome. Also, I wanted to say, to those that feel since it's the same city means that the game is totally cheapened, SR2 also took place in the same city as SR1. It's not like this is the first time they've done this. Heck, that didn't even have alien stuff going on to change the city up. And you know what? SR2 was waaaay better than SR1. The city didn't hurt it at all. Actually, it was nice having a familiar stomping ground for the more insane carnage compared to the previous game. I can totally forsee a similiar scenario happening here.

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I will buy this game on day one, get the Dubstep gun, and then always use it. Forever.

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Dubstep gun made me lost my shit.

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I'm sure I'll end up playing this at some time. More Saints Row (even if it is relatively "samey") is always welcome.

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While I love everything about this, I'm finding the lack of cohesion to be a bit irritating. The guns, the gangster stuff, the superpowers, the ridiculous weapons... I sort of wish they'd just drop the conventional 'street' stuff from the arsenal and from the aesthetic.

It also looks gorgeous. Clearly running on a top-of-the-line PC.

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Seeing this gameplay ... I'm back in.

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This looks super fun, but not impressive or new enough to warrant full or even half price. I will enjoy this a year from now when it's 10 bucks on Steam, but for now, a game that borrows some Prototype and Just Cause 2 moves while using the same town, animations, mechanics and aesthetics from the previous game, isn't that interesting. This is the worst type of sequel IMO.

But for those who really love SR3, this game is more of what they love, and that's great!

Another thing I should add is that these games seem to not have any focus. They wanna provide the San Andreas faction stuff, the JC2 mayhem, the Prototype powers, the Postal madness, the GTA IV urban feel and story telling, and layers of dumb humor on top of that. Spreading themselves too thin IMO, not enough focus to keep me engaged.

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United Saints of America

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Looks like an expansion