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Have you guys found that on the PC version, the audio gets out of sync from the video during cutscenes? It's happened on every cutscene so far, and it's starting to get really weird seeing Kinzie talk and hearing Keith David's voice.

#2 Posted by Heltom92 (714 posts) -

I remember this happening in SR3. I was playing on a laptop that had a turbo function (overclock) on it and that was what was causing it.

Hope that helps.

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I have that problem with SR 3 and I was never able to fix it.

That overclock thing was able to solve my issues with the other games it happened in, but never with 3. I was so glad that that didn't happen for me this time

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Yes, happening all the time.

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Almost done with the game and haven't had that happen once.

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I've seen it happen before in SR3 but it hasn't happened at all yet in 4

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@donutfever: Same problem on the 360. Comes and goes. Got very off sync in the intro/press conference sequence, started a new game a day later and intro was fine.