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Listen up, Saints! Take a moment and acquaint yourselves with the Commander in Chief edition of Saints Row IV.

If you pre-order Saints Row IV through major retailers, you get upgraded to this ballin' edition -- for free. This is not a trap. This is justice.


It's free if you pre-order the game and there'll probably be a limited edition announced at some point.

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That 'merica weapon is a thing of beauty cased in gold. I'm preordering SRIV anywhoo, but man if those aren't some fine bonuses all the same.

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Oh man, that 'merica weapon set aside any worries I had about this game.

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Was already going to pre-order but man, that 'Merica Weapon is just amazing and I can't wait to see it in action. The fact that it apparently has "dubstep guns" just sounds outright ridiculous.

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So American.

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God that's so great.

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Is the first time a major game developer has incorporated the word 'Merica into its game?

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I NEVER pre-order games, but this is REALLY tempting...