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Looking for fellow Scrolldiers? (Yes, I am using that word semi-ironically.) Look no further! Put your Scrolls name and region (so people know when you might be online) in this thread and let's all add each other and have some games.

Scrolls NameGiantBomb NameRegion
IMLabman LabmanCanada
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EgoPoisoning US

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Downloaded UK :)

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Downloaded UK :)

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Hippo, from the US!

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I just bought/downloaded Scrolls and have yet to fully immerse into it's CCGy goodness. But, my username is IMLabman and I live in Canada.

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My Username is Zalrus!

I'm in the US

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my username is azrail

i only play mono growth to rage peeps


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@jakob187: Must... encourage... you... to... buy... this... awesome... game!

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Well, if it will convince anybody, there's a new update that will go live next week and will do some cool stuff, like increase gold earned for losses and a limited mode called judgement. Oh, and also 40 or so new scrolls and two new precons! All of which can be bought with ingame gold!

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I'm tempted to buy purely to help make an actual wiki page happen.

C'mon folks, give it a crack.