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So the system changeover a few months back really screwed up the database editing software, and I applaud our Top Men for ironing out so many of the bugs since then. But I've noticed that even right now, this specific page for the Sega corporation can't be edited, not by me at least. It doesn't matter what the change is, it just brings up the "Saving..." window for much, much longer than it takes on any other page, and then displays the red "Whoops, looks like we ran into an error" message.

So am I the only one who is incapable of editing the Sega page? Are there other pages which stubbornly refuse to accept any edits whatsoever? Why this page and not others? Colour me confused, duders.

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I'm getting it, too, and I think I know why: there's so much data to keep track of that it takes forever to do anything with it, no matter how minor. Anybody wanna try this on the Nintendo or Konami or Capcom pages, as Sega has put me in an old school mood?

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Does it happen on other dense pages, too? Like the Team Fortress 2 page?

EDIT: @rorie: It's not specific to the SEGA page, this happens with the TF2 page as well.

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Hmm, this is interesting. We recently ran into the same problem with the Spider-Man page on Comic Vine, but that page is many, many times longer than the Sega page is. (Over 25k words.) I'll make sure engineers are aware of this.

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@rorie: Thanks Rorie! I think it also happens with the Human concept page.

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So, yeah, thread necromancy, but editing this page still totally doesn't work. Any progress? :P

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@deusoma said:

So, yeah, thread necromancy, but editing this page still totally doesn't work. Any progress? :P

There's no easy fix for this situation just like the issue with releases. The architecture is "deep" so to speak and is more difficult to rectify than anticipated.