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This is the most fun I've had with a game in a long time. The combat is really satisfying with the sword and the other weapons become pretty crazy as soon as you start upgrading them. I was kind of expecting a nostalgia cash in and this is simply not that.

It is it's own fully fleshed out, highly polished, 12ish hour long, single-player game and a damn good one at that. A lot of people are complaining about the price, I'm really not sure when all of this became worth less than the $36 they're asking for.

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@hairball: Any insight as to how controller support is for this game? I've been wanting to play this but I suffered a broken back earlier this year, so right now my gaming is restricted to the living room and my recliner.

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Steam lists it as having full controller support, I'll boot it up now and see how it fairs with one.

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Seems to be pretty good! All the menus switch straight over, in-game there's a radial wheel menu to choose weapons which stops time so there's no problem switching between all the weapons. Button mapping makes sense.

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@hairball: Awesome dude, thank you! I know I said in another thread I was going to wait for the game to go on sale for 75% off, but I think I'll just buy it now. I haven't played an FPS like this since Blood way back in the day.

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@mb: I'm playing on hard and controller is fine. The shooting is Halo style with click stick to zoom but I rarely use it. I turned off the auto-aim for both guns and sword. It pulls the reticle to the center of the enemy every time you hit right trigger and it messes up my headshots. Swordplay is good. I always slice in the direction I intend to. Can't say the same thing for Magic though. You need to doubletap the stick in any direction and then pull one of the triggers to get out your spells. This would probably be much more reliable on a keyboard.

I have two 10% off coupons if you or anyone else wants to have them.

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It's 10% off if you get it from the humble store which comes with a steam key and gives the developers more money; http://www.shadowwarrior.com/