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So this french journalist dude posted a tweet in Francais. Here's the translation:

Yu Suzuki declares to be thinking about a kickstarter-like model to fund Shenmue 3 !

So, I've never played a Shenmue game, but I think it's pretty much a cult hit right? So a lot of people would be willing to back this is my guess, but I'm not sure how far that would take this game considering the cost of game development.

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Kickstart it off of the table and into the trashcan.

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I would play the console demo..

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They should just release it as a movie or a book. The old games doesn't hold up at all (in my opinion) and the cost for making a new Shenmue would be through the roof, if they decide to do it as detailed as the first two.

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Wait there was a Shenmue 2?

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I would definitely fund a Shenmue 3 kickstarter. I'd prefer a game but would settle for a movie or book as suggested.

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Wait there was a Shenmue 2?

Don't say it two more times...

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Wasn't the first Shenmue a high budget game? I don't think Kickstarter would generate enough for that.

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no way could he raise enough

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@nightriff said:

Wait there was a Shenmue 2?

Yeah, it was on Dreamcast in Europe (I would guess Japan too) and EU/US on Xbox.

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This is probably the first kickstarter I would be interested in funding.

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But we already know how it's going to end...

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How much would he need? I mean wasn't shenmue 1's budget huge?

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Oh sorry, I thought you were implying that I should care.

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wat the hell is a shin moo

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If he makes it for like... 98% less than Shenmue maybe.

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What is Shen...moo-e?

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The money he would need to truly make Shenmue 3 would most likely not be possible on a kickstarter. Unless they aim for a much smaller budget which could be possible and I would be interested to see the results.

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He would have to raise $100 million for it to be a Shenmue game and not just a Shenmue 'themed' game. So...yeah, I don't see this ever working in a way to satisfy fans.

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Does anyone know where I can find a sailor with a lot of money?

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Does anyone know where I can find a sailor with a lot of money?

You should check by the lucky hit stand on main street, I also hear he collects bubble toys from the bus stop.

In all seriousness I would back a shenmue even if it was damned to failure, I loved the first two games.

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This would be one of those kickstarters that I would fund more than the lowest amount to get the thing.

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What if he made it with the graphical style of Shenmue 1 & 2? Would that help save some money? Might be kind of cool, too, actually.

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Don't even joke about that. I may actually have to help fund that one. I doubt it happens.

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I liked Shenmue, but Yu Suzuki has made too many false promises about Shenmue 3 for me to take him seriously anymore. Also, Kick Starters for large projects are generally only effective in the home stretch of the project.

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I would think with today's tech he could make the same style of game for considerably less. Wouldn't be against throwing some cash towards this.

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