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I know this isn't persona 4 but they seemed to really care about each other. Just wondering what everyone else thinks!

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What does this have to do with Persona 4?

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I don't quite remember, but I got the sense that they were just friends. Just because you care about someone of the opposite sex who isn't related to you doesn't mean that you like each other in the touch-her-shoulder sort of way.

I can't recall exactly, though.

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Akihiko can go take a hike.

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I'm not sure why you felt the need to post this on this board. It's not like P4 is really any more "recent".

Anyway, I got the impression that their might be some underlying feelings, but not enough that they would want to act on them. Although I have a vague memory of some reference to them going out at one point and it not working out. Did I just imagine that?

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No need to get pissed, I already said I knew it wasn't persona 4. I made a mistake. I just posted it on the persona 3 portable board

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I've gone ahead and just moved this one. Be gentle, folks. To his credit, Persona 3 didn't imeediately pop up in the board list when I moved it.

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I got the sense that Akihiko was too busy with boxing to have any interest in girls (that's even the scene that's used to introduce him, right?) and Mitsuru was too busy being a genius and running a multinational corporation to be interested in guys. I think it has more to do with them being SEES members for such a long time and seeing what went down with Shinjiro. Watching your old buddy accidentally kill someone, put himself through hell, and ultimately die is probably a pretty good way to ensure you make your other long term friendships count.

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@video_game_king: Everything, we need to know when they fought each other in Arena if those punches thrown were ones of passionate love or vile hatred.

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From my experience, absolutely no one else has any idea what a relationship, or an S Link is - if they're not friends with you, they don't give a shit about the other people. In P4, they implied your friends actually have lives outside of when you decide to drop in on them. It's convenient for a single MC focus, but somewhat unrealistic.

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Yes in my unpublished fan fiction. The dog is involved somehow