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Ever since the Endurance Run I've wanted to get into the game for myself and didn't have a PS2 anymore. With the introduction of the PS2 Classics I was waiting for the inevitable release of the game, especially after the release of P3 FES. And now with P4 Golden on Vita it seems like there is no reason for them to put it out on PSN. Why put the game for $10 on PSN when they have a full priced game that could potentially move a few Vitas.

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Yes, buy a vita to play it. I've THOUGHT about it, buy then I realize that P4 can be emulated on my PC with Xbox controller and 1080p. But that is totally different experience since its not portable. So yeah don't expect it on PSN.

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It doesn't necessarily prevent a release, but the impetus for Atlus to put it on PSN isn't there yet.

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I think it prevents it right now, since it's so close to the release of Golden. However I could see it happening sometime in the future, since FES was still released in spite of P3P.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they release Golden on PSN for $40. But for now, it's the game to have on the Vita. So they'll keep it there till the next big thing hits.

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@lukeweizer: You mean like playable on the PS3? I'm certain that won't happen.

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@zeik said:

@lukeweizer: You mean like playable on the PS3? I'm certain that won't happen.

Maybe on the PS4 in a year or two.

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Aside from Endurance Run nostalgia, there is ZERO reason I'd ever go back and play vanilla P4.

Golden is just... so much better. Holy cow.

If anything, hope for a PS3/N/4 port of Golden. Seriously - it's such a good version of the game that I have no qualms about there never being a re-release of the original P4.

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Apparently technical problems have been keeping P4 and other Atlus games built on similar engines (Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga) from being re-released on PSN.

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@eirikr: If that's true wouldn't that have stopped Persona 3: FES from being re-released?

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Not really, I've seen Persona 3 (FES?) up on PSN at the same time as Persona 3 Portable. -- wait, how can P4 not be on PSN? I thought it had P3's same engine, just with few tweaks?

...I really really really want a vita for P4G. ;_;