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You can watch episodes 1-16, all the others are for subscribers to anime network.

Here it is.

Edit: Sorry, just noticed only episode 1 is dubbed, you have to watch the rest subtitled :/.

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It's OK, there's only so much Terrible Chie you can take.

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Its alright. chie's VO bothered me when playing P4A on 360, but then i got used to it and I like it (not bad)

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It isn't too bad, but you really cant cram that much game into that little screen time.

The way they handle the creepy kid (Mitsuo?) is really well done, but other than that the writing can be hit or miss and the animation is just terrible.

It's a shame.

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Actually, I think Erin Fitzgerald does a good job as Chie.

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@solh0und: I like it too,not as good as the original but it isn't terrible.

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...I think it's a better Chie...

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@coakroach: Let's hope that AIC and Kishi won't get their hands on Persona 3. At least Devil Survivor 2 is being done by Bridge...With Kishi as director for some shitty reason I don't get.

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You can watch the whole series on Hulu. It's in Japanese with subtitles though. It doesn't bother me, but just a heads up.

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The OVA isn't on Hulu Plus, its just basically an animated version of the secret ending.

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i liked Yu's characterization in this but got bored like 3 eps in.

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I don't know about the rest of you but the only Persona 4 anime I want to see is the Endurance Run.