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Getting back into Civ has been a blast for me so far, the new expansion really adds alot to the game. Just finished my first game with the new expansion and had a great time with it, i really love the new trade route system and the Ideology tree, makes cash rain from the sky and happiness easy as hell to get.

Despite the focus on overhauling culture in this expansion i still went for a domination victory, played as the Vikings and still had no real issues with the AI besides Ceasar making a early go at me and one of Austria's city's had like 125 defense or something so i had to nuke it like 3 times. Might go on a higher difficulty next game, but i guess i dont personally look for a challenge from Civ, its the journey not the destination... or something.

Really enjoyed the way great works are presented, and archeologists seem neat from what i gathered, though i didn't go real deep into that stuff yet. Also like the way you can plunder trade routes, was getting 200 gold a pop on these at one point. Though its not as impressive when your taking in 300 gold a turn. and that could have been much higher but i was only trading with city states as i was at war with most of the other civs.

Might try for a culture or science victory which i have never actually gone for before next game, it dosen't seem as boring as it used to be with all the new works and such. Hows your experience been with it so far?

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Went for the cultural victory with Brazil.

Fucking dominated. Managed to stay friendly and besides the whole "our people are wearing your blue jeans and listening to your pop music" spiel, I had no troubles with the ai. It helps that I was playing on smaller islands, so everyone was kinda isolated. But yeah, I'd highly suggest trying to go for the new culture or diplomacy victories. I had the blast fiddling around with both.

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Was going for a cultural victory but noticed that I was actually doing a better job stacking pape (the new trade routes add such a cool dynamic) so I just bribed all the city states into being allies and won a diplomatic victory while stomping down Bismarck because he was an asshole to me all game (He surprise invaded me twice. The second time I refused a peace treaty and steamrolled him with superior tech).

My second game was weird. It was like the AI was messed up a bit. The map was all small islands and none of the AIs got more than 3 or 4 cities. I was literally doubling their scores 250 turns in and won with a science victory. Nobody went to war until probably 400 turns in. It was quite strange. I wasn't attacked once, not even by barbarians.

I've since bumped up the difficulty passed Prince and have been having more fun. I actually feel like I might lose now. Though I may bump it back down because that allows me to just relax while I play it.

This expansion makes Civ V substantially better. I bought vanilla Civ V the day it was released and was really excited but ended up being quite disappointed. I put in 40 hours over a month and that was all I ever played. I've put in 30 hours over the last week alone on this expansion. I paid full price for it right when it came out and haven't regretted a thing. I'd put this on par with Civ IV now. I would never say that about vanilla Civ V.

For the first time in 3 years, I had an "Oh shit it's 3AM" moment while playing this. I haven't done that since I used to play Civ IV and Medieval 2: Total War all the time.

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My spawn point on a huge map placed me on a tiny island covered in barbarians who raped me repeatedly while Sweden arrived by boat to conquer me. I founded a religion though... and got one spy before being conquered. Fun times. I'll try again tonight most likely.

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Despite having bought civ v at launch, for some reason I never really got into it, even though I devoured prior civ games. Got gods and kings and that didn't draw me in either. Brave New World has though. Just finished my first game of it. Got a Diplomatic Victory as Arabia. I was pushing for either that or science. Religion dominated for me I. Helping to earn influence. I was lucky in that I discovered 3 city states I previously didn't know about with about 10 turns til the first World leader vote. Seeing as I had 24 delegates before that, it came in pretty handy. I ended up selling heaps of buildings in each of my cities in a mad all or nothing cash grab. Managed to get each of them before the vote and had exactly 30. Felt great. Looking to play a civ with fewer cities and push for cultural next time.

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Tried Venice and dominated. Was playing online with a friend though and he was doing poopy so we had to quit out. Playing a big map with a lot of City States is so much fun. It's my new favourite civ because it plays so differently. I wish they had more unique Civs like that.

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Went for culture victory as Brazil. Things were going alright for a majority of the game, but their jungle bias was really hurting me in production. Lost a few key wonders and by the time Zulu attacked me with Rifleman I just decided to start a new map as Poland. Kind of a bummer because I was getting close to hitting my tourism stride, but that's the way it goes.

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Went well, diplomatic victory and all

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Damn. I was going for science, but ended up in war with everyone. I dominated the sea and everything was going ok, but just now I realized that they changed the domination victory conditions where you can't just be the last one that still has their original capital, but you actually have to control all the other capitals... Shit. That would mean conquering 3 more heavily guarded cities and there just isn't enough time.

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Fun times. I won a few games. About 6 wins on Emperor/Immortal so far. However I think that the AI no overvalues culture on many maps. Making the game a bit less aggressive (which is fine), but on the other hand early and constant aggression is not really rewarded anymore. When you start early wars you almost always fall back in tech/expansion/economy. I will wait for the fall balance patch.