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Source: http://www.shacknews.com/article/72768/simcity-designed-to-support-mods

Yup, it seems that the designers made this game to be moddable. Which could make up for the city size and other stuff. I'm excited to see what the mod community can put out. It may be difficult considering its an "online" game, but we'll see, thoughts?

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Tomorrow that article will be a year old. I just can't bring myself to believe that EA will allow mods on an online only game that is saved on their servers. Only thing that could possibly happen is you just screw with replacing tile resources locally.

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Fuck no it won't.

Unless the 40 dollar Nightlife Expansion is considered a mod.

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Mock Support

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Can modders make the servers work so we can play the game we bought?

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It will support 30$ EA made "mods" yes.

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Fuck no it won't.

Unless the 40 dollar Nightlife Expansion is considered a mod.

people do crazy stuff in the sims 3 that changes the game fairly significantly actually

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I'll eat my cake if this actually happens. The best I can fathom is some sort of skins for buildings or something like that which only effects what you see on your screen.

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@tycobb: Yea... heres a more recent article, though i suppose they dont actually say there going to support it for sure, just basically says it could be awhile if it dose come. Still better then them flat out saying no i guess. Link

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Not likely. Old news + locked down servers + DLC = fuck modders

Only way it happens is if they put out a custom game DLC, to be purchased by both the mod maker and the player.

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Can Moders make a offline mode and the map bigger? Than I will buy it

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Why would EA put effort into day one DLC and a possible in-game store to simply allow modders to supply the market with possibly better alternatives for free. This was either complete bullshit to convince the masses to buy a game crammed full of stuff we'd run a mile from if we heard about, or it's a feature they'll introduce when demand wanes to the extent that only opening it up to a degree will keep it alive. Either way it's pretty shitty.