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#1 Edited by zamaeri09 (25 posts) -

Tying to make a Nice table of Duders playing SimCity,

So post your name :

  • Origin ID
  • Preferred Region (not super important but sync and lag has been reported when using far away servers)
GB UsernameOrigin IDRegion
ZamaeriZamonsterNA West 1
alConnBillFoto3NA East 1
#2 Posted by djou (878 posts) -

Sure, add me. GB: djou / Origin: jou321

I added a bunch of folks already and plan to start many cities in their regions this weekend. I have a private region that I'm working on my own, but am happy to aggregate resources to get a Great Work going. That is, if the fucking servers let me on.

#3 Posted by YoThatLimp (1938 posts) -

YoThatLimp - I'll play on any server

#4 Posted by bigsmoke77 (791 posts) -

Origin ID: mSmeeze

You can add a bunch of duders from this forum.

#5 Posted by SexyToad (2722 posts) -

SxyToad here

#6 Posted by bibamatt (1090 posts) -

Yo! Sure thing! Will be picking SimCity up on Friday morning (release day in the UK). Origin tag is Bibamatt.

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NA East 1

#8 Edited by therealnelsk (321 posts) -

Awesome! Hit me up, I'd love to play with some duders.
Origin: M3RPHY

#9 Posted by Azraeill (42 posts) -

Sign me up! Playing in my own region right now.

Origin ID: Azraeill

#10 Posted by Turkalurch (194 posts) -

I'd love to start a giantbomb region sometime if there isn't any up already.

Origin: Turkalurch

GB: Turkalurch

#11 Posted by OneFreeman (104 posts) -

Definitely up for this, only two days to go in the UK!

GB: OneFreeman

Origin: OneFr33man

#12 Posted by TheMasterDS (2147 posts) -

GB: TheMasterDS

OriginL MasterDS

#13 Posted by j3ffro919 (244 posts) -

I'd like to get in on something

GB j3ffro919

Origin j3ffro

#14 Posted by j3ffro919 (244 posts) -

I'd like to get in on something

GB j3ffro919

Origin j3ffro

#15 Posted by alConn (153 posts) -

  • GB: alConn
  • Origin: BillFoto3
  • Server: NA East 1, but anything really.
#16 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (963 posts) -

Origin: Jaqen_Hghar
Region: EU, but not that important.

#17 Posted by JSwan13 (295 posts) -

I'm JSwan1313 on Origin

#18 Posted by Mitch0712 (499 posts) -

@zamaeri09: Mitch0712 I'll play on NA East Servers.

#19 Posted by Tweeg (5 posts) -

Tweeg either NA East is fine with me.

I haven't been able to successfully log into a game yet, though. :(

#20 Posted by Huey2k2 (492 posts) -

I'm down! Region doesn't matter because my internet is good.

I am Huey2k13 on Origin. Although I haven't managed to get on yet.

#21 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1482 posts) -

Might as well add my region to keep things organized, I'm playing on NA East

#22 Edited by UberExplodey (943 posts) -
  • GB: UberExplodey
  • Origin: UberExplodey
  • Server: NA East 1 (primary)
#23 Edited by Chaser324 (6745 posts) -
  • Origin: Chaser324
  • Server: NA East 1 or 2
#24 Posted by Dalai (7074 posts) -

Origin: TheDalaiLlama

Server: NA East

#25 Posted by BR00KSIE (42 posts) -
  • Origin: LEGOhairRunner
  • Server: EU
#27 Posted by alConn (153 posts) -

There is a NA East 1 and 2 at this point, so clarification is important since saves don't transfer between servers.

#28 Edited by Hunter5024 (5981 posts) -

Hunter5024 is my name, and NA East 1 is where I play my game. Anybody want to try doing a 16 city Giantbomb mega region?

#29 Posted by skittles (156 posts) -

I'll be playing a heap tonight! I'd love an invite to a region so I can get to work.

Origin : Fogberto

Server : Currently EU1 but I'd like to get onto Oceanic tonight, or whatever they're calling it.

#30 Posted by SexyToad (2722 posts) -

I'll add some players from here later, AS SOON AS SIMCITY WORKS FOR ME.

#31 Posted by Subjugation (4743 posts) -

@zamaeri09: You should probably grab all of the IDs from this thread since quite a few people already posted there.

#32 Posted by VoidProd (110 posts) -

Origin: Kouriku

Server: EU west 1 I guess? I'll play whatever though providing they fix sync issues

#33 Posted by bombedyermom (282 posts) -

Origin: malbian21

prefer US west 1

#34 Posted by Wuddel (2100 posts) -

Wuddel / Western EU 1

#35 Posted by PaleEye (26 posts) -

Paleeye / sjh77

Whatever server will let me play..

#36 Posted by Aniawn (22 posts) -

Origin: Aniawn

Server: NA West 1

#37 Posted by isomeri (1423 posts) -

Origin: isomeri

Server: Europe West 1

Region: Das Bomba

#39 Edited by Maxx2029 (41 posts) -

Origin: Maxx2029

Server: Europe West 2 (or I've started in there, but could very well use other servers too, if they just would work...)

#40 Posted by jgree21 (14 posts) -

OID: jgree21

Any server's fine with me, as long as I can actually get on...

#41 Posted by MaFoLu (1859 posts) -

Origin: Mafolu

Server: Europe Whatever, probably

#42 Posted by CharlieBoom (34 posts) -

Good idea!

Origin: CharlieBoomSocks

Server: Oceania.

#43 Posted by StarvingGamer (8560 posts) -
  • OID: StarvingGamer
  • Region: NA West 1
#44 Posted by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

Origin ID: Maverick0819

Region: NA East 2 (and 1, but once servers are working, I'll be on 2 primarily)

#45 Posted by Sayishere (1840 posts) -

Add me, origin:sayishere


#46 Posted by OrganicRobot (9 posts) -

Origin ID: OrganicRobotSA

Region: NA East 1 & 2

#47 Edited by thed9984 (24 posts) -

Add me, Origin ID: thed9984

Region: NA East 1 & 2

#48 Posted by sohcahtoa728 (1 posts) -

Origin ID: sohcahtoa

Region: NA East 1 & 2

#49 Edited by sirdesmond (1263 posts) -

Origin ID: sirdesmond

Region: NA East 1 (if I could ever feasibly connect or even play)

#50 Edited by ShaggyDude (146 posts) -

Origin ID: ShaggyTaco
Server: NA East 1

I started a public region called Magic on the Blacktop. I think there's still some open plots, and if it's full, I can abandon one of mine to make room if you want in.