#51 Posted by Divina_Rex (351 posts) -

Deal, Mad_SawBones is the Origin ID.

#52 Edited by SexyToad (2722 posts) -

I'm creating a region of my own, my "server" will be highly selective and will have no time for scums like you guys.

I'll make a thread later :D

#53 Posted by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

Yea, when this game comes out, I totally want in on a GB region. Hopefully you can have a bunch of cities in one region (unlike the beta we played where I had three).

#54 Posted by brownsfantb (401 posts) -

I too have no friends in Origin. My username is brownsfantb. Really looking forward to this game!

#55 Edited by endoworks (297 posts) -

I'm in, my origin name is endoworks.

#56 Posted by spookytapes (269 posts) -

I'll add a bunch of yinz this weekend. Pretty excited to play this!

#57 Edited by Subjugation (4741 posts) -

Just pulled the trigger on this. My Origin ID is Subjugating.

#58 Posted by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

Good news to my previous post. Watching a live stream of the devs play this game and the region they are playing in is gigantic! So, glad to see there are varying sizes.

#59 Edited by WaffleConed (60 posts) -

Im down to play with some of you guys. I already added a bunch of you from this thread but if I haven't yet my Origin ID is: jrh687

#60 Posted by Phished0ne (2540 posts) -

YO, ADD ME! my name is the same as it is on here.

#61 Posted by Greger287 (3 posts) -

I'm in for some multiplayer. My Origin ID is Greger287.

#62 Posted by mtcantor (951 posts) -

Would be great to play Sim City with some GB folks. Find me there. Origin name: mtcantor

#63 Posted by Mikemcn (7021 posts) -

I'd love to get in on a region, Origin ID is Mikemcn21

#64 Edited by Dalai (7071 posts) -

Since I'll be breathing SimCity for the next few months, might as well add me.

Origin ID: TheDalaiLlama

#65 Posted by m1k3 (1338 posts) -

Cant wait.

Origin ID: m1k3ines

#66 Edited by Chaser324 (6744 posts) -

I've got my pre-order in on Amazon. I think my Origin ID is Chaser324...not sure because I've never purchased anything there before.

Moderator Online
#67 Posted by Oombalan (81 posts) -

The more I see of this game the more I want it, pre-ordered it and origin name is oombalan

#68 Posted by synapse720 (41 posts) -

Another preorder here, synapse720 on Origin. I preordered via amazon and received an email stating that the game is available to download as of 11:00 am on 3/1/13. I'm sure it won't be playable until the release day but I'm holding on to a small sliver of hope that this weekend will be erased by sweet, sweet city building.

#69 Posted by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

@synapse720: Yea, I think the download gets to be early, but servers don't turn on till March 5th. That being said, you can play IMMEDIATELY when the servers kick on (which will hopefully be midnight)

#70 Posted by Subjugation (4741 posts) -

@cbarnes86: Provided they are stable. If this launch doesn't have connectivity and stability issues, it will be the first launch of an online game that I've ever participated in that doesn't have those problems.

Also, none of you have added me. I'm a pretty nice guy ... D:

#71 Posted by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

Well, Amazon just changed their tune (not sure if the early download is still happening). The store page now says "Available for download on March 5th at 12 AM PST." Hope to download early since my connection is terrible, but looks like false hope : /

#72 Edited by Funkydupe (3321 posts) -

It'd be great if their servers ran as intended straight from the start. If they have issues it'll be a god sent gift for those who hate the always online aspect of this game, and it'll be slaughtered even if the gameplay is fun. :/ Maybe the beta tests have proved useful. Hopefully. It always seems like companies underestimate how many people show up at once especially around launch, MMOs are examples of this happening again and again.

#73 Edited by Rowr (5824 posts) -

Does anyone understand how this region stuff works?

I have a slight fear I'm going to get fucked over (as i am with many online games) for living in one of the remotest places in the world.

#74 Posted by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

@rowr: All I know is there are servers you can choose from the launcher. The region play that this thread is talking about is the multiplayer aspect (I have a city in a region and you run a city in that same region). I believe you can play a region completely by yourself (or at least hope so), but it is still online due to the Global Market (buying and selling of goods and materials).

#75 Edited by Thekeenan (74 posts) -

Just downloaded Origin for this game so my friend list is completely void of friends, so I will have to get around to adding everyone else in this thread.

Not going to lie, getting kinda hyped up for the release.

Here is my ID in case anyone else wants to add me.

Origin ID: Thekeenan

#76 Posted by axisandallies (14 posts) -

my Origin is axisandallies79. Please add me and let's play!

#77 Posted by Funkydupe (3321 posts) -

Seen the news on 3 large region types? Looks very cool. They're all different with various natural resources and such.

#78 Posted by Subjugation (4741 posts) -

@funkydupe: Where did you find this? Is there a dev blog?

#80 Edited by Obyj34 (9 posts) -

This sounds great, on Origin: obyj34.

#81 Posted by Scrawnto (2466 posts) -

I'm in. I think my origin name is also Scrawnto, I'll have to check when I get home.

#82 Posted by zFUBARz (637 posts) -

I'd be down for some region play, I'm probably gong to try making a university town first if anybody wants to add me my name is the same as on here.

#83 Edited by endoworks (297 posts) -

@cbarnes86: Any chance that live stream is up on the web to see? I'd love to watch some of it.

#84 Edited by chainreaction01 (183 posts) -
#85 Posted by LovermanOwens (30 posts) -

I am really looking forward to this game. Hopefully it will tide me over till Mass Effect 4 comes out.

Origin ID: LovermanOwens

#86 Posted by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

@chainreaction01 @endoworks: I've watched 2 of the four days so far and the guys are pretty entertaining and I'm learning some strategies that I never thought of before to try on cities on Tuesday.

#87 Posted by Funkydupe (3321 posts) -

Will you go straight to multiplayer or stay singleplayer to learn the game more first?

#88 Edited by wooville1 (12 posts) -

My Origin username is Wooville902, I've preordered so feel free to add me.

#89 Posted by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

@funkydupe: I personally plan on (if it is possible) to have one region for myself singleplayer and a multiplayer region.

#90 Edited by spookytapes (269 posts) -

I have so many friends on Origin now! ha! Do you know if the game will let you play in more than one region at a time?

#91 Posted by Bollard (5867 posts) -

Chavtheworld on Origin, I might have a couple of you already. Let's do this.

#92 Edited by chainreaction01 (183 posts) -

Pretty sure you can play multiple regions, up to a total of 10 cities per server.

#93 Posted by This_is_not_my_face (6 posts) -

I okay with some MP my origin name is digbert

#94 Posted by juice8367 (446 posts) -

Prolyfic_fiasco on Origin. I'm down for some city buiding

#95 Edited by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

I guess I'll throw my name in the pot. I wanted to just wait till release and start a region and invite select few, but who cares, I WANT ALL THE SIMS FOR MY SIM CITIES!!!!!

Origin ID - Maverick0819

#96 Posted by dagimpz (4 posts) -

I cant wait for this game :-) been listening to gaintbomb for over a 2-3 years now... loving it :-) became a premium member today and cant wait to join a gaintbomb game of simcity..

origin username: dagimpz

#97 Posted by cbarnes86 (559 posts) -

@dagimpz: Welcome to Premium status! You won't regret it. Also, added!

#98 Posted by Atom (210 posts) -

I'm always up for online stuff with fellow GB'ers. Already have the game preordered, feel free to add me.

Origin ID is: atomico

#99 Edited by superman (4 posts) -

a gb region sounds like fun.

origin id is: su1per3man

#100 Posted by SSully (4326 posts) -

orgin id is: SSully

Would love to play with you all!