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I'm finally up and running. I have a region called GiantBomb Noobs (named it that because it's my first city and I'm learning the ropes....). [Pacific 2]

Question though....I've tried to join a bunch of other regions and I try to claim abandoned cities but it always says the city was created with content I don't have...Is that really true in most cases? I just have the standard edition of the game....

My Origin ID is Darth_Gumballs.

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If anyone is interested in joining a region, my origin ID is Gopez_UK.

I'm currently playing on the Antarctica server in a region called "New Caladan".

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@gopez_uk: I joined your region and sent you a friends request. I haven't tried the online aspect yet, so I thought I'd give it a go.

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Im new to the forum, and simcity but i plan on going through and adding as many of you as i can ........so if you like you can add me look out for my name PORTCITYGIRL41....thats me

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I too have no friends. If you will like to add me, my ID is Steelven.