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Because I wants to play it

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@saadnation: I just got an email saying it's available for download.

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so did I, but mine is still not.

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Amazon saids I have to wait till 12.... (2 hours)

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I have to wait till 12 pacific....pff i don't even live in that time zone

damn Amazon i want it now

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Mine said 1:01 am. It errored out the first time I tried to download it, then it downloaded a 150 mb file and said it was full install and it doesn't tart when I run it for obvious reasons. Tried repairing the install but nothing. God dam I hate Origin/EA.

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The download just started for me. I pre-ordered the Limited edition on Origin. I got the download email right before it popped up on Origin.

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Completely busted. As soon as you start the d/l it's only d/ling a 250 mb file and nothing more. Guess I won't get to download the game while I sleep tonight so that it's ready in the morning.

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The origin download is just for the launcher, the big download happens after you launch.

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Huh, I guess no one on the East coast is trying to download it, because I downloaded and patched quickly and with no issues...

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@crusader8463: Yes, in the launcher it's downloading. Says "Processing Large File... Please Wait" 19% and creeping.

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@shaggydude: Mine just does pre loading, runs though the EULA crap, then when I hit finish it downloads a 250 mb file and that's it. Nothing else. Can't find anything online yet about it. Tried verifying the install, restarting origin/pc. Same file every time.

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Still waiting for the game to be released in EST apparently according to Origin.

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@crusader8463: When it was done doing that 250MB download i just right clicked the game and hit play and it opened up the launcher. That sucks dude, I'm not sure what to tell you :(

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@shaggydude: Not with the file downloaded. When I hit play it would do nothing. Going to give it one more try then I'm just giving up for the night.

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So apparently people who preordered from Origin are still having difficulty even seeing the game as released, whereas those who preordered elsewhere or are just buying the game now from Origin are already downloading or playing. In short:

Fuuuuuuuccckk Origin.

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@skywarpgold: I'm in Ohio and it's still saying "not yet released"

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Yeah, reading through twitter it seems like Origin is shitting the bed, as expected.

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@joshthebear: Really? That's weird..... It has such a good reputation

I have 0 Origin friends (because I'm a normal person and use Steam) so add me so I can play in you duders cities or whatever

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Unlokced for me about 20 minutes ago and the game was very quick to download and update....somewhat surprised at that

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@shaggydude: Same as before. Downloaded, hit play, it says it's launching, and then nothing happens. I didn't think it was possible to dislike EA or Origin any more. First/last time I give them the benefit of the doubt and go against my personal rule of avoiding their games/services.

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Thought I might stay up and play for an hour before bed. After all, if it unlocked at midnight EST, that's only 9PM PST right? So I get an email that says "yo, you can play your game." So I open Origin. Game not released yet? Huh.

Oh well. Guess I'll play it tomorrow. No big deal. I just know that if it had been Steam, it probably would have been pre-loaded and ready to unlock by now. The interface doesn't even say when it's out. Hell, the store didn't actually say either. Yo EA, Origin needs some work. A lot of work. So much work you might want to give up and go back to Steam?

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@saadnation: That's what's so sad/maddening about it. Some times they do make good games but all the BS that goes on around them is just not worth it to me anymore. Crap like this on top of terrible business practices with DLC and microtransactions just means that a game has to be something really special for me to want to be willing to put up with it.

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So I'm still waiting for it to unlock :/

Edit: I had to restart origin for the 5th time.

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I just was able to get it. Ima play it

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I noticed last night that this has a delayed release around the world (only by 2-3 days) but it still allows for the servers to not get completely destroyed by the rest of the world for the first day and hopefully they will stabilize

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@optix12: If it launches like every EA game ever has there will be online issues for at least a week regardless.

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@jnal: I was just hoping that they at least learnt something from Diable 3 which I think was a worldwide release and was probably a major factor in crushing their servers. But yea bugs and I hope from a different thread earlier someone mentioning it not saving after 2 hours of play. I hope that doesnt end up happening to alot of people.

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Mine "Unlocked," but apparently i have to wait till March 7th to play. I live in California, shouldn't it have been released on the 5th?

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@m1k3 said:

Mine "Unlocked," but apparently i have to wait till March 7th to play. I live in California, shouldn't it have been released on the 5th?

March 7th is when it launches in Scandinavia so I have no idea why it's saying that for you in California. High five, Origin?

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There's a 25 minute server queue for the North American servers... If I build a city on the European server will I be able to access it from the American server later?

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Still no unlock here in Texas. The pre-order "grayed out" box appears in "My Games" but it's still saddled with a fat banner reminding me it's not released. Guess I'll go to bed and hope it's up in the late morning/early afternoon when my ass wakes up.

Feel free to add me; that quicklook has really got me worried about single player agency in this title.

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It's unlock for me now, I have it downloading. I'm worry since the launcher doesn't seem to be moving but I'll see once I get home.

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It's Diablo 3 all over again. :')