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I had no idea people played Skylanders on the competitive level. If Skylanders Switchforce isn't at EVO 2014 some fucked up, I mean I'd pay upwards of $5 to watch this shit streamed out live. Can you imagine that moment where the two dudes walk up with their custom-made fightsticks except they're slamming down their tricked out Skylanders with commissioned paint jobs onto the tournament regulation Portal of Power? Fuck man, if that doesn't get you hype I don't think anything will. You should probably consideration medication or professional counseling. I mean if the thought of two big sweaty dudes staring eachother down through a television screen as they have the fight of their life in a Stump Smash mirror match doesn't excite you you're probably completely dead inside.

Also where is my Skylanders Scrub League.

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Tier List:

S Tier - (Overpowered+broken characters)

Double Trouble / Channeler

Double Trouble S2 / Channeler

Drill Sergeant S2 / Megadozer

Terrafin S2 / Sandhog

Terrafin S2 / Brawler

Bash S2 / Granite Dragon

Swarm / Barberous Avenger

Ignitor / Soul of the Flame

Ignitor S2 / Soul of the Flame

Flameslinger S2 / Pyromancer

Thumpback / Anchor's A-Yay

Stump Smash S2 / Nut Crafter

Chop Chop S2 / Undead Defender

Hex S2 / Bone Crafter

Eye-Brawl / Eye Brawler

Eye-Brawl / Eye For An Eye

A Tier - (Very Good Characters that aren't broken.)

Voodood / Marauder

Ninjini / Swords of Might

Ninjini / Ancient Djinn Magic

Drobot / Master Blaster

Sprocket / Operator

Bouncer / I-Beam Supreme

Bash S2 / Pulver Dragon

Terrafin / Brawler

Terrafin / Sandhog

Prism Break S2 / Crystaleer

Prism Break S2 / Prismancer

Dino-Rang / Grand Boomerang Master

Crusher / Rock Grinder

Crusher / Rubble Master

Whirlwind S2 / Tempest Dragon

Flameslinger S2 / Marksman

Eruptor S2 / Volcanor

Hot Head / The Burninator

Hot Head / Oil Baron

Slam Bam S2 / Blizzard Brawler

Wham-Shell / Captain Crustacean

Chill / Ice Lancer

Thumpback / Up Close And Personal

Stump Smash S2 / Smash 'n Bash

Zook / Floral Defender

Zook S2 / Floral Defender

Stealth Elf / Pook Blade Saint

Stealth Elf S2 / Pook Blade Saint

Tree Rex / Treefolk Charger

Tree Rex / Lumbering Laserer

Fright Rider / Joust Jockey

B Tier - (Good Characters)

Spyro / Blitz Spyro

Double Trouble / Conjurer

Double Trouble S2 / Conjurer

Wrecking Ball S2 / Ultimate Spinner

Pop Fizz / Mad Scientist

Drobot / Clockwork Dragon

Bouncer / Robot Rocketeer

Bash / Granite Dragon

Bash / Pulver Dragon

Flashwing / Super Shards (Opinions tend to vary on this one.)

Flashwing / Super Spinner

Whirlwind / Tempest Dragon

Sonic Boom / Medea Griffin

Sonic Boom S2 / Medea Griffin

Lightning Rod S2 / Typhoon Titan

Swarm / Wasp Stormer

Ignitor S2 / Blademaster

Sunburn / Flame Lord

Hot Dog / Burning Bow-Wow

Zap S2 / Tesla Dragon

Gill Grunt S2 / Water Weaver

Gill Grunt S2 / Harpooner

Slam Bam / Blizzard Brawler

Slam Bam S2 / Glacier Yeti

Camo / Vine Virtuoso

Camo / Melon Master

Shroomboom / Paramushroom Promotion

Shroomboom / Barrier Boost

Cynder / Nether Wielder

Cynder / Shadow Dancer

Cynder S2 / Nether Wielder

Cynder S2 / Shadow Dancer

Chop Chop S2 / Vampiric Warrior

Hex / Bone Crafter

Hex S2 / Shade Master

Fright Rider / Lance a Lot

C Tier - (Decent, Competitive Characters)

Spyro S2 / Sheep Burner

Spyro S2 / Blitz Spyro (Due to a glitch, his charges do not stun.)

Voodood / Elementalist

Wrecking Ball / Ultimate Spinner

Pop Fizz / Best of the Beast

Drill Sergeant / Megadozer

Prism Break / Crystaleer

Prism Break / Prismancer

Dino-Rang / Earthen Avenger

Sonic Boom / Siren Griffin

Sonic Boom S2 / Siren Griffin

Whirlwind S2 / Ultimate Rainbower

Jet-Vac / Vac-Packeteer

Sunburn / Blaze Dragon

Eruptor / Volcanor

Eruptor S2 / Magmantor

Flameslinger / Pyromancer

Ignitor / Blademaster

Hot Dog / Pyro Pooch

Zap S2 / Slime Serpent

Gill Grunt / Water Weaver

Chill / Frozen Fury

Stump Smash / Nut Crafter

Stealth Elf S2 / Forest Ninja

Zook / Artilleryman

Zook S2 / Artilleryman

Hex / Shade Master

Ghost Roaster / Fear Eater

Ghost Roaster / Skull Master

Chop Chop / Vampiric Warrior

D Tier - (Below-Average Characters)

Spyro / Sheep Burner

Wrecking Ball S2 / Total Tongue

Trigger Happy / Golden Money Bags

Trigger Happy S2 / Golden Money Bags

Trigger Happy S2 / Golden Frenzy

Drill Sergeant S2 / Battledozer

Boomer / Demolition Troll

Sprocket / Gearhead

Whirlwind / Ultimate Rainbower

Lightning Rod / Lord of the Lightning

Lightning Rod / Typhoon Titan

Lightning Rod S2 / Lord of the Lightning

Warnado / Eye of the Storm

Jet-Vac / Bird Blaster

Flameslinger / Marksman

Zap / Tesla Dragon

Zap / Slime Serpent

Slam Bam / Glacier Yeti

Stump Smash / Smash ’n Bash

Stealth Elf / Forest Ninja

Chop Chop / Undead Defender

E Tier - (Bad Characters)

Wrecking Ball / Total Tongue

Trigger Happy / Golden Frenzy

Boomer / Clobber Troll

Drill Sergeant / Battledozer

Warnado / Wind Master

Eruptor / Magmantor

Gill Grunt / Harpooner

Wham-Shell / Commander Crab

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God tier: Drobot

Shit tier: Anyone that's not Drobot

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@bbalpert said:

God tier: Drobot

Shit tier: Anyone that's not Drobot

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this is great

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there's pvp in Skylanders?

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Double Trouble #1 Skylander NA


Channeler too stronk, plz nerf.

Not sure which meme to go with, no access to Kappa.

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How is Drobot not #1?

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Is there PvP? Then of course there's a tier list.

Welcome to video games and the internet.

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i dont care for this tierlanders shit , gill grunt 4 life