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what? didnt you read the title?

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enjoy !

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I saw that on Reddit and immediately went to download it. Finally get to play it.

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Anyone with plus needs to play this. One of my favorite games last year. fyi, its one of the easiest platiniums out there. Very little grinding if you are compelled to play all the side missions. I did it in less than 25 hours and most of that was playing the missions and causing open world street mayhem.

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Finally playing it after downloading it, installing it, and then updating it. That process takes far too long, I really hope the install thing is better on the PS4.

Anyway, in the small amount of time I have played it I am already really enjoying it.

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Sleeping Dogs is a crazy awesome game experience, it also has some great DLC if you want more after the already long main game.

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Which region? Aren't the free games on Plus different for each region?

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Awesome news for people with plus!

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I believe the DLC was free too. I downloaded 4 items last night.

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next month eu ps+ members are getting ico & shadow of the colossus and demon souls!!!

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Time for a renewal!!!

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I'm not sure I want to download it and play it. I plan on building a PC this year and this game was one of the reasons. The PC version just looks so good. I'll probably download it anyway but I don't think I'll play it right away.

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@mosespippy: I just finished the PC version and it really looks gorgeous. Besides battlefield 3 this was my first title I played on my new PC after 4 years of only PS3. I definitely recommend it on PC! But also, how can you compete with free? Tough decisions have to be made.

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Which region? Aren't the free games on Plus different for each region?

I'm going to assume they're talking about the US Store, as we in the UK got it a few months ago.

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Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

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next month eu ps+ members are getting ico & shadow of the colossus and demon souls!!!

Seriously? That's pretty sick.

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Was just coming here to say the same thing! I've been studying ridiculously hard for an exam that I just got out of, and sat down to relax and play some vidya games for the first time in a week and... there is sleeping dogs for free! I kept almost buying this game based on all the awesome quick looks I saw on this site, but kept not quite being able to justify paying the still hefty price tag. What a wonderful post-test surprise!

Yay Playstation Plus!

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Still have it waiting since us EU lot got it a couple of months ago :)

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This game made me become a playstation + member. I'm truly happy.

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I used to not care but I'm starting to get really jealous of PSN + members. Paying for Live has never been a major issue for me but this was the first year when I let my subscription run out and didn't renew simply because I had maybe spent 1 hour total in multiplayer this past year. $50 isn't really breaking the bank for me, but at this point with all my friends slowly moving away from gaming and my general disinterest in online shooters, it's literally like throwing my money into the trash.

These PSN + freebies are really starting to make me think I not only want but need something more out of Live Gold