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#1 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (544 posts) -

Considering how much time I put into TC and TC: NYC when they came out, I was just thinking what are the other great open-world games that took up a lot of your time even though they weren't the most polished, or just great other games of this genre?

I'd take Prototype 1 for something I played LOADS of, and Jak II as one of the best!

What do you guys think?

#2 Posted by Marz (5680 posts) -

open world is a broad term... i'd go with elder scrolls games as some of the best open world games.

#3 Edited by BaneFireLord (2977 posts) -

Just Cause 2 is fucking awesome.

#4 Posted by living4theday258 (678 posts) -

Just Cause 2, TES: skyrim/oblivion/morrowind, prototype1, InFamous 1&2, Minecraft(openworld at its most...well open), Borderlands, Rage, Jak II and III

Thats all that i can think of. Would the metroid prime games be considered open world?

#5 Posted by Jack268 (3387 posts) -

Just Cause 2 and Jak 3 are probably my favorite open world games of all time.

#6 Posted by AssInAss (2848 posts) -

STALKER because of the emergent stuff and unique moments when exploring.

Arkham City and Prototype have some of the best mobility in a sandbox game.

From Sleeping Dogs gametrailers preview (watch it), seems to be quite the unique side missions.

#7 Posted by sleeping143 (66 posts) -

You should play Saint's Row The Third.

#8 Posted by probablytuna (3964 posts) -

I greatly enjoyed Saints Row The Third (yet to finish), Skyrim (also yet to finish) and probably the Assassin's Creed series.

#9 Posted by kindpixel (2867 posts) -

@BaneFireLord said:

JustCause 2 is fucking awesome.

I just got this on the Steam Sale and I have to 110% agree with this. Go buy it, now.

#10 Posted by Ravenlight (8011 posts) -

Does WoW count? People seem to love that.

#11 Posted by JacDG (2133 posts) -
@Jack268 said:
Just Cause 2 and Jak 3 are probably my favorite open world games of all time.
How is the open world in Jak 3?  Because I am playing through Jak 2 (HD) right now, and I hate that world with a passion, not sure if I'll finish the game.
#12 Posted by Jack268 (3387 posts) -
@JacDG: There's a bigass desert 
That's all you need to know
#13 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (544 posts) -

@JacDG said:

@Jack268 said:
Just Cause 2 and Jak 3 are probably my favorite open world games of all time.
How is the open world in Jak 3? Because I am playing through Jak 2 (HD) right now, and I hate that world with a passion, not sure if I'll finish the game.

Haha yeah way less city-based apocalyptic-style stuff, and WAY more open desert based stuff!! Personally I prefer J2 but if you're hating that then a bit o barren wasteland cactus-lovin buggy races might be your thing!! :D

When I made the topic I was thinking of the specific GTA-esque formula of how missions are delivered as well as HUD elements such as the minimap, thats what ties it directly to the likes of the Jak sequels and True Crime, instead of anything with an open structure like WoW or Skyrim, although they are brilliant iterations on a different open style!

#14 Posted by TheFakePsychic (204 posts) -

Just Cause 2, Bully (cheating because it's Rockstar, but it's not GTA), and Assassin's Creed are my favorites.

#15 Posted by BeachThunder (12738 posts) -

Borderlands and Far Cry 2.

#16 Posted by Soapy86 (2631 posts) -

Dark Souls

#17 Posted by hardcorebunni93 (31 posts) -

Bully was terrific in a very different vibe to what's usually out there, Saint's Row 3 is as fucking insane as it is hillarious to play and Assassin's Creed II was a lot of fun as well. The first Crackdown was a lot of fun when you got good beefed up and the same goes for Infamous 2. I actually prefer the first three games to GTA IV and would put them right up there with Vice City and San Andreas.

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  • Mercenaries 1
  • Mercenaries 2
  • Just Cause 1
  • Bully
  • Assassin's Creed II
  • Arkham City
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I got really bored of Jak 3 real quick, though maybe I just had enough of Jak more than anything at that point. I've found most open world games in the exact style of GTA have been terrible (Though I never played "The Third"), I vaguely remember enjoying that Simpsons GTA game back in the day though.

#20 Posted by david3cm (636 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption

#21 Posted by Antihippy (250 posts) -

Mercenaries 1 was badass.

#22 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

All of them

#23 Posted by spartanlolz92 (511 posts) -

in order of of what i like the most

  1. skyrim
  2. Mercenaries 1 -__- franchise really needs a reboot
  3. just cause 2
  4. red dead
#24 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1733 posts) -
@Tim_the_Corsair: Think about what you write! 
#25 Posted by huntad (1994 posts) -

I think the Assassin's Creed series is well up there as a story-focused open world game. I'd also put Just Cause 2 and Red Dead Redemption up there.

#26 Posted by Village_Guy (2707 posts) -

My favorites include:

Just Cause 2

Red Dead Redemption

Far Cry 2


I also do like Prototype for the silly stuff the game allows you to do, running on the side of skyscrapers and all that is always good fun.

#27 Posted by Vextroid (1448 posts) -

Saints Row 2. One of the best open world crime focused game this gen.

#28 Posted by DeF (5015 posts) -

how about the original open world game: The Legend of Zelda.

#29 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (644 posts) -

@sleeping143 said:

You should play Saint's Row The Third.

You really should play Saint's Row The Third

#30 Posted by Fjordson (2441 posts) -

Open-world action games? Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's Creed I guess. Most others, like Just Cause or Saints Row, are pretty bad (and I'n not really counting open-world RPG's like Fallout in this).

#31 Edited by HH (732 posts) -

Viking: Battle for Asgard - the atmosphere, and the design of the buildings and terrain, is really well done.

#32 Posted by Jay_Ray (1159 posts) -

No including other Rockstar games (RDR and Bully are to awesome to not mention) I'd say:

Assassin's Creed 2 (and Brotherhood)

Skyrim (and Oblivion)

Just Cause 2

Saints Row the Third

and finally Shadow of the Colossus (It is kind of open world)

#33 Posted by ez123 (2011 posts) -

Spiderman 2, Crackdown and Assassin's Creed.

#34 Posted by believer258 (12461 posts) -

@david3cm said:

Red Dead Redemption

I got bored with Red Dead Redemption. I have to make myself play it because all you do is ferry yourself around between missions and sometimes help out someone who's getting robbed by bandits.

Anyway, my votes go to Jak 3 and Just Cause 2.

#35 Posted by JackOhara (227 posts) -


#36 Edited by DarthOrange (3932 posts) -


Fallout 3

Fallout: New Vegas

Saints Row 2 (Fuck Saints Row 3)

Edit: And also inFamous 2

#37 Posted by Mufec (2 posts) -

1. Red Dead Redemption

2. Just Cause 2

3. Skyrim

4. Far Cry 3

5. Sleeping Dogs

#38 Posted by DFL017 (176 posts) -

I had a lot of fun with the first Crackdown. Don't know if it still holds up though.

#39 Posted by Mufec (2 posts) -

If you like racing games, I recommend Forza Horizon, TDU2,NFS MW and Carbon. The new Most Wanted is also a game quite worth playing. And if you don't mind skateboarding, Skate 2 and 3 are also a very good games

#40 Posted by AziMuttyo (81 posts) -


#41 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

True Crime and Prototype? Man, I thought those ones were just awful. Anyway, here are some of my choices...

Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption, Bully, Skyrim, Crackdown...

Does Fallout: New Vegas even count as open-world? It kind of forces you to follow a linear path. Saints Row was really only cool because it was a next-gen San Andreas knockoff. It really wasn't anywhere near as good, though. I'd say that about the entire series. Crackdown 2 was just awful. I just never really got into the Assassin's Creed games. I enjoyed the few hours I played of AC2, but it's just not quite my style.

#42 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5138 posts) -

The first Mercenaries is one of my favorite games, I've played through so many times it's kind of embarrassing.

#43 Posted by altairre (1316 posts) -
  1. Red Dead Redemption
  2. Saints Row the Third
  3. Just Cause 2
  4. Sleeping Dogs
  5. Rage

Red Dead because of its amazing story and atmosphere, Saints Row for the dumb crazy shit that happens constantly, Just Cause for the pure amount of freedom and the different ways to create chaos and destruction, Sleeping Dogs for stunning graphics (dat rain) and a good balance between story and dumb/fun open world stuff and Rage for the weighty, satisfying feel of the shooting and fun gadgets in addition to a great art style.

#44 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

The first Mercenaries is one of my favorite games, I've played through so many times it's kind of embarrassing.

#45 Posted by Vic2point0 (43 posts) -

Since you mentioned True Crime and GTA, I'd recommend Sleeping Dogs. I actually enjoyed that game a lot more than I did GTA 4 and 5.

#46 Posted by JZ (2120 posts) -

You mean all of them? GTA is terrible yeah it looks good, but still functions like a ps2 game.

#48 Posted by punkxblaze (2993 posts) -

Where all the Far Cry 3 love at.

#49 Posted by MegaLombax (445 posts) -

On top of what most people have said before, I'd add in the Infamous series.

#50 Edited by Emoney244 (167 posts) -

The Saboteur for dat art style and Robin Atkin Downes