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So I've been wanting to get into a MOBA but every time I tried one it just felt really slow and boring. I picked up Awesomenuats last year and played for over 80 hours according to my Steam account, but I got a bit tired of it since it wasn't as complex as most other types. Then I came across Smite which is pretty much everything I wanted in a MOBA. It's fast paced, it's 3rd person which gives it a different style then any other MOBA and makes it playable on a controller, which is plus for me. Then the biggest thing is that all the characters are Gods from mostly ancient religion which I find to be really interesting.

I really enjoy this game and giving the player direct control of the character by putting in in 3rd person is really unique at least to me. I'm surprised with how huge these types of games are that no one is mentioning this one since it is so different. I've been playing it for about 2 months now and it's still in open beta but they release a new God almost weekly and have updated the visual style of the game a few times now which is really great to see huge graphical changes once in a while. So anyone else played or heard of this game?

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I've been playing it off and on since the tail end of closed beta. It is a pretty fantastic game. Just came to see if there was any sort of GB group going, pity there doesn't seem like there is much of a following here.

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I've been interested in the MOBA type games, but haven't been able to get into them. Due to a spinal chord injury years ago I have limited use of my left hand which means i have to use a game pad for almost all action style games. I just started playing this a few days ago and am terrible, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the game, genre, strategies, builds, tactics, roles, etc... My biggest problem ATM is learning a build order, role and trying to not feed. I mostly just play practice, but have tried a few regular conquest games, but like I said I am not good..

Seems like a very well made game, I wish there was a bigger following here, been going back and forth between Neith and Anhur, and am just now after about a dozen games or so turning off the auto purchase so I need to learn build and item order. I've had a couple games where I get 6-8 kills or so, which for me is great and feels fantastic then I will get murdered left and right, which is super frustrating. But something about this is getting it's hooks in me and is taking me away from Dark Souls 2 which I'm close to finishing.

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So I just got through the tutorials and am digging this game quite a bit. Reminds me a lot of Monday Night Combat and I dig the graphics. Feel free to add me Durden48 if anybody wants to play.

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So anyone else played or heard of this game?