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This is free for the Vita and I'm not going to lie I just download all the stuff they offer even if I had no intention of playing it. I was on the throne today and said fuck it. I was expecting a really bad racing game that was clunky and not "fun". I have only done 4 races and I cannot say for 100% yet but I think I might like this game way more than Mario Kart 7 and I really like Mario Kart... The levels are great, I didn't play Diddy Kong Racing so I don't know if you swapped between Car and planes mid level like you do in Sonic (ooo and a boat) but it is bad ass. The music is good. Because of all those things I really want to play it on my big screen and with speakers. I might pick it up for console so I can also play with the lady.

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Best kart racer ever.

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This game is severely underrated, and if you have PS+, you now have absolutely no excuse not to play it.

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Agreed. It's easy to write off everything that features Sonic and friends, but there's enough nostalgia and quality gameplay to make this game worth your time.

This game is good!

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@soapy86 said:

Best kart racer ever.

They're giving away ModNation Racers? Sweet!

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I just wish there was some Valkyria Chronicles love in the game. Other than that it's been pretty good. I wouldn't call it great but I'm not really a kart racing sort of person.

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It's really a fantastic game. Fun, tons of content, very well made. My buddy played the original and said it was surprisingly good, but I figured he was full of crap. For some reason I picked this one up and put around 30 hours in.

I didn't install it on my Vita yet because I know I'll just start again, and I have a bunch of games to play before things start coming out again, dammit.

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Best kart racer ever.

So I played it on steam.... I don't believe I enjoy Kart Racers.