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Sonic Lost World‘ was registered yesterday by Sega. Many Sonic related rumors have been appearing lately: Sonic Excursion, a next-gen game releasing about November where Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Dr. Eggman would be playable characters, and I could go on.

I've always wanted a Sonic game. I don't really care how weird that sounds. Its just like.. With me, it was: "What year is the year to jump on?." I still don't think this year I'ma waste 60 on a Sonic game. But a Next-Gen Sonic lowered to $30 in the summer or something, sounds pretty fucking sweet.. I sure don't know if it'll be 3D or 2D. I kinda hope its both, just a Whole bunch of fucking content that satisfies enough for both. Like (2) Eight-Hour campaigns sounds pretty nice. Lofty.

vgleaks: Sega registers ‘Sonic Lost World’

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Two eight hour Sonic campaigns sounds like a nightmare, This is coming from someone that still likes Sonic. Generations was great because it was this short, fun thing like the older games. The second you start drawing that shit out you end up with awful padding like the fucking Werehog. Generations got it right in that the core game was about five hours and then there was maybe ten hours of extra bonus missions and whatnot.

The new game needs to be the 3D/2D mix seen in Colours and Generations, relying on the old style 2D levels you end up with massive jumps backwards like Sonic 4 ep 2 (yuck!) I'm curious to see what they do with the new game, Generations got so much right. No stupid 3D hub world, a focus on speed, less chances of unfairly flying off a ledge to your death, playing as Sonic. I'll be curious to see how this turns out without the crutch of the old games this time around, Colours showed Sonic Team are capable of a fun, interesting take on the formula and I hope this one is more like the last two retail games than their awful digital only games.

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finally we get to see sonic team's re-imagining of jurassic park: the lost world.

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@casper_: Damn! If I'd have woken up three hours earlier that's the joke I would have made too!

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Sonic Colours wasn't what I wanted, to be honest. When I first heard the title I thought it was going to be about Sonic joining the Crips.

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here it comes... the AAA Sonic game that I foretold would come. SEGA is trying for a comeback.

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