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VIA the Playstation Blog, get them now while the codes still work!

Spirits' Storm Pinion - C7DE-37NA-758R

Spirits' Viviblossom - P5CJ-PNNL-R79C

Spirits' Blazestone - Q9GJ-BTNL-CEB5

Spirits' Frostblade - 4R7F-QENE-CD4L

Anyone still playing this?

EDIT: Oh yeah, once you use the codes, you can find the items in-game under Librom > Network > Peddler > Claim Gift

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I can personally confirm that these codes still work.

Thanks @starvinggamer!

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@darthorange: NP, glad to see someone else is still playing the game :D

It seems like interest has really dropped off, there isn't even a single guide up yet on GameFAQs.

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These still work even now.

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I just started playing this because of PS+. The only code that doesn't work is Spirits' Blazestone - Q9GJ-BTNL-CEB5.

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Oh gosh, I've been playing a lot of this lately. Thank you!

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These still work? I don't know if that means they were really generous with the codes or if no one bought this game.

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Even if no one bought the game everyone has PS+, therefore everyone has the game. They're NA exclusive it seems.