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I have alot of fond memories of Soul Calibur II, but they are of the Gamecube version. This version is based on the PS2 version with Heihachi. At least all the modes will be in there.

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Hmmm... since it's the PS2 version I probably would have preferred 3. I REALLY liked the create-a-fighter and the RTS-style mode that game had.

This is still pretty cool though, the single-player modes in SCII are really good and I wouldn't mind playing them again since I don't think I have a copy of this game anywhere anymore.

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Sweet, I've never played anyone but my friends at SCII, if the price is right I'd be on board, especially if it's on vita.

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Dreamcast Soul Calibur is the only Soul Calibur.

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Man, I had the Xbox version and it had Spawn in it. It was awesome, I thought he was a much cooler character than Heihachi... but Link was cooler than both of them.

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But if it's based on the PS2 version, and thus no Link or Spawn, does that mean no Necrid, either? Not that I really care since I thought Necrid was a stupid character, anyway.