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Watched the entire 7.5 hour recording last weekend. It was amazing. Not even a big Spelunky fan but I've watched a lot of mid-high level streams.

No doubt the most interesting part was him going in already sleep deprived.

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B-Rex is a great streamer, in fact he's the first streamer that I decided to actively follow. He deserves all the continued support. rexSpecs

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@cooljammer00: As mentioned later in the article, Derek Yu literally did not think getting that much treasure was possible.

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Really awesome article Patrick.

It's really interesting to see the explosion of interest in Spelunky since its steam release. When it was an XBLA again it had a small following which grew when it was released on PC. However in the last 6 months or so it's continued to explode and get bigger and bigger.

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My god that rent is low. D:

And the minimum wage is $10/hour! Everything else costs a lot though since almost everything is shipped in and we are in the middle of nowhere. Actually it's more like the edge of nowhere, since being in the middle would mean we would be centrally located. We're so far east that we're two time zones east of the eastern time zone.

@flappy said:

If Canadian Water is anything like Canadian Bacon, I wouldn't mind trying some.

Yeah, it's called Molson Canadian. Probably better off drinking moose piss thought.

Moose piss is available in bottles as well.

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My god that rent is low. D:

$450 a month wouldn't get you a spot on the sidewalk in LA

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The one time I got the plasma cannon in a crate, it was also from 1-1. Then I promptly died in 1-2. :(

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With talent, dedication and -more importantly- a supportive group of people around him like that, things are certainly looking good for young Aaron.

Good article as usual, @patrickklepek.

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I watched the whole fucking run the next night, it was crazy. Nice article, Patrick!

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Ripper article, Patrick. Thanks. And congratulations to BanasaurusRex - via proxy of this article.

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Great article!

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@mosespippy: Ugh. SO many bad nights of drinking Moosehead. It's a weird thing - every time my friends and I have had Moosehead, something bad always happens. It's like a curse of some kind.

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Good stuff, Patrick.

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I just watched his eggplant run a couple days ago. Can't wait to watch this one! don't know what I enjoy more, playing Spelunky or watching others play it. Between finding his videos, Spelunkin' with Scoops and Brad playing Demon's Souls, I've been having a lot of fun as a gamer this year.

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Wouldn't have guessed he'd be from this country! -sigh-

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lol, Kleptok cannot escape the Spelunky!

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Great article! I hope he gets more than 'just getting by' playing video games!

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Seven hours? Seven hours?!

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Really enjoyed reading and watching this. Outstanding content as usual from Patrick.

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The continuing saga of 'Patrick discovers roguelikes'

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Really enjoyed reading and watching this. Outstanding content as usual from Patrick.

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"Some people assume that means you don’t need skill. You obviously need skill to take advantage of that luck."


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@mithical said:
@somejerk said:

Don't become a full-time streamer. Go out, be social, study, work, use streaming and gaming for a past-time instead.

- A lot of pro-gamers around the world who hit their 30s after a career of sitting at home (or doing on-site pro-gaming, see SC) who then came to ask "now what"

How is full-time streaming different from any other job in limiting your ability to go out, be social, or study?

pssst ... don't confuse the internet with logic.

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All this Spelunky talk definitely got me back into the game. It never clicked with me back when it came out. I'm probably just about done with it though, at least as a frequent play, I beat Yama about 10 minutes ago.

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This was such an amazing thing to watch, I was lucky enough to be home sick when this run hit the twitter feeds. Didn't know the backstory to Bananasaurus, thanks for the scoops!

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@herbiebug said:

My god that rent is low. D:

$450 a month wouldn't get you a spot on the sidewalk in LA

To be fair, he lives in one of the poorest provinces with one of the highest rates of unemployment in Canada.

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If I started making money from playing games I'd totally make the most of it. Good luck to the guy.

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Wtf a plasma cannon in the mines! Crazy.

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"Aaron moved on from speedrunning Portal 2 was the feeling that it was feeling more and more like a job." Patrick, I love these weird little articles, but you need to do more proofreading.

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Fantastic article, and another reason why Giant Bomb is amazing. Thanks for the great write up!

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Excellent article! I wish this guy the best, he sounds like a genuinely kind person.

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With the latest patch, you can bring the permanent ghost you get by destroying altars into Olmec or Yama.

@clush said:

One obvious way in which his record could theoretically be beaten would be by 'ghosting' Olmec and Yama.

I don't think the ghost shows up in Olmec or Yama's levels. I'm no Spelunky scholar, though.

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@maxopower said:

>Spelunky, more puzzle game than action game,

I really hate this line. I get what people get at when they use it. But it completely undermines the many many many hours of time it takes to get the hang of the action part, and much less master it like Rex does. Bananasaurus Rex is in his right to say utter the line. But the rest of us, who still get hit by arrow traps, or on occasions get killed in the mines, should just shut up about it. Watching Patrick (or myself) play, it's clear that Spelunky still very much is a challenging platformer, and not quite a "puzzle game" yet, or at least not more so than an action game.

Patrick is one of the only people who says that, and it continues to be a super wrong opinion. Even when someone like Bananasaurus Rex has mastered the fundamentals and it's all about "how can I ghostmine this level most efficiently", that still doesn't make it a puzzle game. Just because you can do something more or less efficiently doesn't make it a puzzle game.

Yes, in Spelunky, one has to learn the rules of how the different elements interact, and you have to be situationally aware of nearly everything around you to approach it the right way. But just because there is some "right" way to approach a given series of obstacles doesn't make it a puzzle game.

If anything, it makes me concerned that Patrick isn't thinking things through in most games he plays, but because Spelunky (and Dark Souls) really require you to confidently choose a safe strategy to tackle each obstacle, somehow that makes those games puzzle games. It super duper doesn't, unless you want to call all video games puzzle games. Patrick, you can apply that methodical approach to almost any game. It's just that so many games are easy nowadays, and Spelunky/Dark Souls are some of the only games that punish players with a swift death if they don't play cautiously.

Puzzle games can be many things. Aside from just Professor Layton or whatever, lots of other weird experiences can be puzzle games. The Castle Doctrine is a puzzle game; you're either devising puzzles for other players to solve, or you're taking a gamble that you can bring enough tools into another player's house to circumvent the lethal puzzle they've created. It's pretty easy to argue that you're being presented with a puzzle, and tasked with finding a solution.

In Spelunky, the puzzle is uhhhhh, "get past all this shit, ideally without getting hit", except it's ok if you get hit sometimes, and much of the time the "solution" is "be pretty good at Super Mario World platforming and/or be good at aiming the shotgun/bombs". These reflex skills are so important, and pull it pretty firmly away from being a puzzle game.

Just because you have to pause the game briefly to think "OK, how do I safely handle this situation?" doesn't make it a puzzle game.

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Great article Scoops! Spelunkin with Scoops got me into this game in such a big way. I would be willing to argue that Spelunky is a close to perfect as a game can get.

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@development: if you destroy three altars in one run you get perma-ghosted. It's possible to get triple ghosted on a graveyard level if there's an altar (one from timer, one from grabbing crystal skull, one from blowing up a third altar). ghosting olmec and yama is difficult to do, however, because for the run to be successful you need to get rid of the ball and chain that gets latched onto you after blowing up the second altar. This can be done with lava (only appears in temple) or dropping it into the edge of the abyss in the ice caves.

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Will Smith just beat Olmec on his 1,074th Spelunky run and it was amazing.