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Hey everyone! Mageknight here, leader of the Giant Bomb Space Duders (under the name Lepton). The multiplayer dogfighting module (Arena Commander) has been in testing for some time now, but RSI has finally decided to make it available to everyone who has Alpha access or an Arena Commander pass.

I'll look into setting up a multiplayer game night, if there's interest. I know there's squad vs. squad, at least, so maybe setting up a way to get matchmaking squads together would be a good idea.

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Is there any way to set up specific 1v1 matches? Or is it all random matchmaking, like I've been led to believe

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@giantstalker: Matches with friends will be coming soon, either in v0.9 in 2 weeks or v1.0 in a month or two.

Edit: Confirmed v0.9 will have temporary friend codes to play private matches

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I've been enjoying capture the core quite a bit.