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If you have any interest in a sci-fi space sim now's the time to help out Star Citizen, a project that's the current 2nd most crowd-funded computer game of all time. 6 more days.

The short but to the point Mission Briefing video can be watched here:

http://vimeo.com/53293424 or on Youtube here:

Remember to up the quality of these videos as they're available in HD.

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There are two ways to pledge:

Adding the pre-alpha peek at some simple AI behavior tests:

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Star Citizen FAQ covers a few of the questions they've been receiving.

Ships Development Document provides some insight on how they're planning the spaceships to be like.

Comprehensive Stretch Goals for Kickstarter and the RSI site. Keep in mind that Star Citizen on Kickstarter also has its own goals.

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4 million seem doable now.

#3 Posted by selbie (2126 posts) -

Bumping this link for the win. Let's hit $4 million people! Pledge or upgrade what you can!

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Thanks for the PM. The opening post has been updated. Good luck Star Citizen.

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Ive gotten as many people as i can to sign up but im suprised at the lack of interest from my friends in what looks like an incredible game, i guess they are much happier to play known quantities like COD and Halo...

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He is getting accused of having a too big vision though, which I find really odd. Unless someone tries we'll never get anywhere. Maybe most people have become more in-tune with consoles and handheld gaming; It sure would explain why a site like Giant Bomb hasn't mentioned a large Kickstarter/crowd-funded project like this with a single word. It is coming up on $3,400,000.

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Chris and his team have already made it abundantly clear through his Q&As on reddit and chat that they are more than capable of taking on this project. Something tells me it's taboo to show crowdfunding stuff on this site. Which is funny because Gamespot hosted the live GDC stream and yet nothing has been mentioned of the game aside from a few side comments from the staff.

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@Funkydupe: Giant Bomb have talked about star citizen on the bombcast, the guy was in their office and he played the game with a controller... and that is all I can remember from that. But they have mentioned it's existence.

I hope the game succeeds, but I can see why some people would think that this is too much for a Kickstarter project. It just seems very ambitious, and until a large Kickstarter like this comes out and is a success, people will be negative about it.

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Yep I backed this 

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@Village_Guy: Don't forget that not unlike some other crowd-funded projects this one will also receive a substantial boost ( I gathered its going to be close to 14 mill usd ) on-top of whatever the funding project raised in the end. Then you'll probably see pre-orders and merch as a tertiary way of funding, and for the fourth; It seems Chris Roberts isn't a poor guy financially and he might decide to add something to it as well. Chris Roberts visited Giant Bomb? Or are you talking about GameSpot? I'm following Giant Bomb almost daily and I haven't seen anything about a visit with gameplay. Can you hit me with a link perhaps?

@selbie: I don't know about taboo, Selbie, as Patrick did add a few projects from Kickstarter in a recent Worth Reading article on this site, but did not mention Star Citizen in that list. It just seems more like they've opted not to talk about it much. Maybe they're afraid that instead of it being game related news, it'll be viewed as pure advertisement. It is hard to separate the two though, as to report news about a game, you need to be able to mention it. There has been a lot of coverage elsewhere for Kickstarter games and I do get tired of the spam too, but that's just because people are excited about different things. In the end once the game is out, it won't really matter whether it was crowd-funded or not, the big thing is that if it does become a great game, it is a game that is there mainly as a result of gamers' contributions. That's pretty cool in my opinion.

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Info dump: assimilate!

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They reached $3.5 million and added some more stuff. Only 5 more days to go to get to $4 million.

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wingnut is suuch a good looking spaceship

#14 Posted by selbie (2126 posts) -

Dinosaurs in the cockpit, day one!

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@selbie: Star Citizen got a mention in the "Inside Oculus" blog a couple of days ago.

We had the legendary Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander, by the office to swap tech demos. He showed us a stunning demo for his upcoming game, Star Citizen, which is slated to be Oculus-ready with incredibly intense space dog-fighting. If you haven’t heard about Star Citizen yet, be sure to check out their Kickstarter here:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cig/star-citizen

Oculus Rift seems like it has the potential to be awesome for a game like this.

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Potential? it WILL be awesome :D The detailed cockpits are perfect for it.

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$3.8 million reached with 3 more days to ago...almost there.

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what the hell? I thought they reached their goal like a month ago

edit: oh they did..now they're doing extra stuff. Cool

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I still think a lot of how the game will actually function/play is badly explained and I'm not entirely sure that the end product will turn out even half as well as they're hoping.

But it's a game it's a game I'd really like to see made, so giving them $30 for the chance of an incredibly awesome space sim seems like a worth while investment. If nothing else, it's at least showing publishers that there's a market for games outside of high octane action/first person shooters.

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@TheHumanDove said:

what the hell? I thought they reached their goal like a month ago

edit: oh they did..now they're doing extra stuff. Cool

Yep, the professional mod tools at 4 million is what people are most excited for. 
@WinterSnowblind: Yeah, I'm not exactly sure how the exploration part of it will work and what there is to discover (apart from planets, which sounds a bit dull), but this game definitely has the most potential of all the space sims out there to make it feel like you are in a big universe. And if they add some surprising things on the way I'll be exploring the hell out of that universe. :)
#21 Posted by xMrSunshine (383 posts) -

My $60 has been thrown on the pile. First time I'm chipping in on a game that's not released and is not going to be released for a while in any playable form so let's hope it'll turn out ok!

Even though there's not a lot of actual info out there about the game except hopes and dreams, it's worth $60 if I can just run around that little craft that is used in all of the videos that have been released. I really love how it looks.

#22 Posted by Gladiator_Games (535 posts) -

I kicked them my $30, but for fucks sake stop sending me 3-5 update emails a day!

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$3.9 million reached with 71 hours left on Kickstarter and a little over 3 days on the RSI site.

#24 Posted by selbie (2126 posts) -

$4 million goal. DONE!

Next up, we overtake Project Eternity :D

#25 Posted by Funkydupe (3459 posts) -
Loading Video...
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It's now close to reaching the record for the highest crowdfunded game ever! $4,163,208 here we come :D

#27 Posted by onarum (2556 posts) -

I pledged for like 180 bucks :p, literally the most I could, got the 60 buck one (with the 300i) then added a freelancer ship and a couple of skins, I really REALLY hope mr Roberts can deliver on all his wild promises, also waiting for 2 years is gonna be tough..

#28 Posted by selbie (2126 posts) -

Ben Lesnick just confirmed on the chat the last 24 hours is going to be streamed live :D

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counter is screaming now, already 4.2mil. Is that the record?

#30 Posted by NakAttack (1329 posts) -

Just broke 4.2 million making it the most successful crowd funding to date for a video game.

#31 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -

We've reached 4.5 mil!

I'm ecstatic

#32 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2168 posts) -

Pledged $60 to this game now that the prospects of this game seem really good and that I'm now confident enough to pledge to what I hope will be an amazing game. Did it shortly before it went past the 4.5 million mark.

#33 Posted by granderojo (1897 posts) -

I have my doubts about this coming through, which is why I didn't opt in on the kickstarter. That said, I will buy it if it actually ships.

#34 Posted by Giantstalker (1889 posts) -

They already have my sixty bucks. I wonder what will happen if they somehow break 5 million (unlikely, but hey)

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@Giantstalker said:

They already have my sixty bucks. I wonder what will happen if they somehow break 5 million (unlikely, but hey)

I don't think it's unlikely at all when you look at the rate that it climbed in the last two days and if they can keep the momentum for the last day... it's looking good.  
And this is what will happen if they reach $5 million: 
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#37 Posted by selbie (2126 posts) -

Holy fucknipples! I don't believe my eyes (o)_____(o) they're almost at the $5 million mark!!

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Come on carrier!

I put in $60 on day 1 but I've since upgraded to the 125 tier and also bought a 300i with some skins as well.

#40 Posted by Funkydupe (3459 posts) -

WingMan will run around in the office building shirt-less if they reach 5.5.

#41 Posted by onarum (2556 posts) -

man it will be awesome if they reach 5.5 mil

#42 Posted by emem (2051 posts) -

$5 million reached with 18 hours left to get to $5.5 million.

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Richard Garriot and Chris Roberts on the Stream now, great stuff.

#45 Posted by NakAttack (1329 posts) -

Lamp will be in the game.

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$5.5 mil here we goooooo. Still ~300k left and 12 hours to go. Man that big ass cruiser right from the start of the game would be sick as shit.

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New concept video:


Showing how a piece of concept art is turned into a playable, FPS environment. Players will be able to talk to their friends on the landing pads, in bars etc. If people from your friendslist or of any other relevance, such as bounty targets are landed where you are, they will be given priority to appear in the same instance as you are.

Also, Ben Lesnick:

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@Funkydupe:  "Holy crap" is all I can say right now. This is absolutely ridiculous (in a good way)... the game looks exactly like the concept art, when do you ever see that?  
And $5.5 million reached, 8 hours left to get to $6 million (full orchestral score!).
#49 Posted by onarum (2556 posts) -

I'm kinda worried about having the carrier playable though, it will get to a point, when the game is out for a while, where everyone will have a fucking carrier.

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@onarum said:

I'm kinda worried about having the carrier playable though, it will get to a point, when the game is out for a while, where everyone will have a fucking carrier.

No, that won't happen. He said that there probably will be only 2 carriers and as far as I understand they are stationary as well.