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@baldgye said:

Yeah the WoL maps where bad, but that dsnt mean the current map pool isn't bad also. Blizzard have included GSL maps, which is good... but they changed them so they are bad.

I don't know how I can be constructive other than to point out that the current map pool is just not good at all. The beta map pool was better... by a long way... why can't you just include tournament maps? Least then you can take a 3rd base or just not die to an all in you can't defend becasue lolhugeramps...

It's not nonsense and your not a mod.

Apart from some maps not having a neutral depot at the natural´s ramp they seem pretty much identical. That´s not a big enough difference to make a map go from ´fine´ to ´bad´. I´ve chosen to not include tournament maps, because there´s barely 1,5 week between the game´s launch and the tournament start date. It´s easier to just let people play ladder to practice and then use the same ladder maps for the tournament. Maybe I´ll consider changing the map pool in later tournaments, but not right now. Also, if you´re losing games because of a single missing neutral depot or because the ramps to your natural are relatively big, it´s probably not the map´s fault. That stuff matters, but not at the level we´re playing at.

You´ve been complaining about stuff ever since this thread started, first about the prizes, which in my experience never caused the problems you describe, and now about the map pool. If you don´t like the way I´ve got this set up, don´t participate. Or go host your own tournament in the way you want. And yes, posting ´garbage maps are garbage´ is useless nonsense, that´s neither useful to me as an organizer, nor does it contribute anything constructive to the thread. I´m reasonable, if you care so much about the map pool then you could´ve suggested I use a different one, for example. That´s alot more constructive than saying: ´garbage maps are garbage´.

I might not be a mod on GB, but I´m still the tournament organizer here and ultimately I´m the one who determines who gets to play in this tournament and who doesn´t. So, you post shit in my thread at your own peril.

Raising concerns about having prizes, is complaining?

I was fairly passive and simply raised something that looked like it might affect it, as I've seen how other forums have had tournaments like these which go fine with random players (but mostly ones that post there, and suddenly you introduce a prize of some sort and its worth 20/30mins of someone who's low GM (or something similar) to just roll though it and win free shit at the)...I brought it up and it was sorted out to be not a winners pool or anything but a raffle, which is fine.

Yeah me complaining about the maps was simply that, because in the tournaments that I've played on here in the past some of the maps we have had to play games on have been terrible (and removed from ladder pool because of it), maps like 'korhal compound' for example. And given that you've only ever picked ladder maps I assumed there would be no reason you would change the map pool, especially since the game is brand new to most folk which is fine, so I was merely highlighting my disdain at the map pool. It wasn't constructive because either you would agree with me and say something like "these aren't great I know, but its the maps people will be used too etc etc" or apparently get aggressive and throw empty threats around.

Why would I want to play in a tournament where the organiser is so aggressive towards criticism that's not even directed at you?

I've been around here for a while and played in a bunch of these when there was only 5-6 people even bothering to sign up (on NA and EU) for the WoL tournaments on here, finished work early at weekends so I could make it, I even won one of the tournaments. So congratulations on alienating one of the members here who's around longer than launch week.

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@moztacular: I said I've never played before, but I've been watching Starcraft almost every day since WoL came out :p

I guess that gives me a noob advantage?

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@baldgye @thule: This is fucking hilarious, roflmao. Yo if you think the maps are garbage then recommend some maps? 4-5 of the maps are tournament maps (Daybreak, Bel'shir, Whirlwind, Neo Planet S and Akilon) so I don't know what you're on about. Sure Korhal City and Star Station are a bit out there but you don't have to call the whole pool garbage, or at least make it ambiguous enough that someone could infer that. Thule has taken the mantle up from the other guys and tried to keep this community alive which sadly is barely afloat even with HOTS abound. Nevertheless I have nothing but the utmost respect for him for even trying to organize something like this when very few visit this fucking forum and even fewer post in it.

I obviously recognize you from past tournaments and know you're a long standing member but you have to see it from the organizers point of view and actually give some feedback. But if you don't want to participate that's totally fine too.

EDIT: Also Thule I think it's a tad bit optimistic to have a group stage which then leads into a ro32. I doubt we'll even have 32 players let alone a group stage to cut that number down further. I'm all for a group stage though as that allows for more games, but it'll probably have to lead into semi-finals or something.

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@baldgye: I remember seeing you in some of the older tournaments, and I hope to see you at this one as well. We're going to stick with the map pool as it is this time around. We think it makes sense to just use the ladder map pool the first time around, since everyone will be familiar with the maps being played. If issues arise (as the did in WoL), we will definitely address them by changing the map pool for future tournaments. All of the organizers value feedback from the community. That being said, we might not take it seriously if it's phrased like "garbage maps are garbage". Anyways, I hope you will continue to participate in these tournaments.

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@baldgye: @wunder_: @harris: @thule:

"Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? ..."

@canteu: I remember seeing you posting even back in the WoL days, I thought you did participate in one of the tournaments... or at the very least was considering it? If it makes you feel any better I haven't touched the game in like two years and I'm considering participating. Plus, it'll be 2/3am local time here when the tourny starts, PEAK condition! ;D

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I think we're just going to have to agree to disagree. I don't want to sour anyone on the tournament because of a dumb argument, so I'd prefer to just let it drop right here. If you still feel the need to continue our argument, then please send me a PM.

@wunder_: Yes, it's a tad too optimistic. To be honest, it's because I've got the tournament set up right now to accept a maximum of 128 players so that's why I put the Ro32 map there, just in case. I realize that getting that many players is not going to happen, but I'll change it up on the day of the tournament itself once I get an idea of how many people we'll actually get.

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@wchigo: I don't think that was me. My copy of WoL doesn't come till tomorrow, but I have HoTS and it's killing me having to wait!

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@canteu: That's great news. If you have been watching WoL for a while you might be able to play this coming week a good bit and you could have some fun participating in the tournament. I promise you would get a fun adrenaline boost of nerves but in a good way! It won't be ranked ladder or anything either, but I won't force you to play :)

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@moztacular: I'd rather watch, because I'll be going through the campaigns first to try and learn hotkeys and such, so I won't know the maps or builds or anything multiplayer related. Not much good going into MP not knowing how to play :p

I intend to main zerg, so hopefully HoTS will help with that!

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Sweet! I play with Erick Tay a bunch so I'll hit him up too but I'll definitely stop by, if not play.

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Hopefully I'll be around, but it's neat to see more tournaments!

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It was really cool that Brad mentioned the tournament on the TNT stream yesterday. By the way, does one of the participants have the replay of that 4v4? I wouldn't mind seeing that game in a bit more detail.

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I'll be there. Haven't been to one of these since the second or so WoL one. can't wait to be crushed!

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@thule: http://drop.sc/310463 heres the 4v4 replay:D

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Been in beta for a number of months now, and zerg feels less significantly powerful to me than they did in the last two seasons of WoL. It feels very balanced across the board; though I'd claim zerg still has the upper hand with their new siege creatures, which are genuine fucking bullshit; the best kind, mind. Air has taken a heavy hit, overall; and mutas ain't really bothered me considering I main terran. Voidray spams have been rendered almost useless; and in fact, all air units feel significantly less powerful than their ground counter-parts; making air much more of raiding tools or direct counters to certain tech-builds. This is also reflected in said ground-units where for example, Thors, have been given two different "modes" for them to switch between, anti-air and anti-ground. My only remaining issue at this point is stalker spams still being too powerful, and god knows they're the most boring, efficient tactic out there.

Terran has become the strongest especially against Zerg. With reaper harass in the beginning and Hellbats able to tank for a bioforce, not even mentioning Medivac boost and widow mines, it's really hard to beat Terran right now. Well it's hard to beat a Terran who knows how to use the new units and unit changes. A Terran mech army, which I haven't seen that much of, is such an efficient army comp.

Skytoss is almost impossible to beat as a Zerg player and Protoss still continue to have the most amount of builds at their disposal. Voidrays are so damn strong with their overcharge ability and even Phoenixes are better than their WoL counterparts making harass so much effective. But stalker spams are easily beaten with stim marines and marauders or roaches/hydra comps. The Mothership Core with the sentry/immortal all-in makes that even deadlier since the MC can recall the units and do a second round of all-in or not.

Zerg is by far the weakest of the HotS changes just look at what is happening at MLG, the Terrans are ripping everyone apart mainly zergs. Hydras even with their speed buff are still squishy without support from a unit that can tank damage. Mutas, in my opinion, is an awesome unit now. With their buffed speed and regeneration and combine them with ling/bling can be a nightmare for Terrans going for bio. That is also hoping that the Mutas aren't clumped and hit by a widow mine. Vipers are really good, but they cost so much gas (not a complaint) and if playing Terran, Vikings take them out of the air so easily. The abduct though is awesome.

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@mrpandaman: I agree with the fact that terran is pretty strong right now, but I don't think it's overpowered. The game is new enough that the new units that terran has are incredibly strong when not dealt with properly. If you think about it as well zerg has absolutely dominated WoL after they got the queen change in patch 1.5 and terran has by far been the worst race, IMO people aren't used to terran doing so well because they've done so bad in the last recent tournaments.

Regarding MLG and how terrans are doing really well. You need to realize that the absolute best terran players from the world are playing and are incredibly skilled no matter what race they play. If you look at who else is playing zerg and protoss you can't really compare the skill levels as most of them don't come close to the likes of MVP JJakji Taeja Flash Innovation when there's players like goswer HuK State Babyknight and Feast playing against those guys. As far as I'm concerned you really can't base balance off of this tournament because of how big of a skill gap there is.

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@psych: I do realize that the best terrans in the world are playing at this MLG, but even then many people are saying that terrans are really strong right now with the zerg not knowing how to use their units right now. I don't think they are overpowered. And I know how Zergs dominated in the latter half of WoL. If something was overpowered, I think void rays are overpowered with their charge ability and maybe do something about the medivac speed, not remove it though. I find it odd how the anti-air corruptor can be destroyed with ease by void rays and trading against them is so cost ineffective.

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It's been so long since I've played SC2 at any competitive level, but I have fond memories of the WoL GB tournaments. I'll be there on Saturday!

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I'm in. Best of luck. :D

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I'm not good, but I want to play against the Giant Bomb community. If this is the best way I'll be signing up.

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This would be fun! Unfortunately I have work on the 23rd. I'm down to play some 1v1 or multiplayer matches whenever though. I'll be in the chat group.

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I'm terrible, was only silver in WoL and that was about a year ago, but I'll join in to get numbers up and provide some chaff for the rest of you.

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@shibbxyz: Thanks for posting that humiliation of a game :) Was fun, I'll need to set my graphics settings a little lower when streaming this tournament the FPS was crashing hard during that game!

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I'll try and make it for this. Hopefully playing the NA server from the UK is relatively lag free.

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I will (maybe, if I'm free) hang out and watch!

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I will try to make it on Saturday. Will be a lot of fun!

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@mrpandaman: I appreciate your enthusiasm, mate, reckon we're all excited about the game, at least the ones with taste. That said, I posted that little list over a month ago, back when it was still relevant to the state of the beta and quite a lot has changed since then.

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Are there enough players to segment the players according to their current league placement?

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I am in! I haven't gotten completely back into things, but I'm more than excited to be apart of a community event. I have a few questions though!

As I recall when Moz used to stream previous events, you guys chilled in Ventrillo, Skype or something. I was wondering if there will be a Giant Bomb RaidCall group or something similar potentially? I'd love to sit in with the commentating, unless I was playing of course.

I also wanted to know if you'd mind me recording the matches, mine and others, for YouTube. I'll understand completely if you don't want me to, but I would love to upload the event to YouTube.

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@kemosabe said:

Are there enough players to segment the players according to their current league placement?

I don't think there's enough to divide everyone along league lines(a bronze tournament, a silver tournament, etc), but I think something like a Bronze/Silver, Gold/Platinum and Diamond+ tournament should be possible. I'm probably not going to do that for now, considering I think it's more fun to have one big tournament, rather than multiple smaller ones. It's something worth considering for future tournaments though, as I'm sure alot of lower league players would prefer to play against people at their own skill level.

@stepwiseduchess said:

I am in! I haven't gotten completely back into things, but I'm more than excited to be apart of a community event. I have a few questions though!

As I recall when Moz used to stream previous events, you guys chilled in Ventrillo, Skype or something. I was wondering if there will be a Giant Bomb RaidCall group or something similar potentially? I'd love to sit in with the commentating, unless I was playing of course.

I also wanted to know if you'd mind me recording the matches, mine and others, for YouTube. I'll understand completely if you don't want me to, but I would love to upload the event to YouTube.

That's a good idea actually, so much so I just created a Giant Bomb Raidcall group called 'Giant Bomb SC2' (Group id: 5863394). It's a public group so everyone should be able to join it, however, I've never used Raidcall before so let me know if you can't for some reason.

And no, I don't think anyone would mind you recording the matches and uploading them to Youtube. Moz already tries to stream most of the event and commentate the games, other people who are willing to do so are more than welcome. Binary Beast also allow people to upload the replays of their games, which can be downloaded by other users, so you can even cast some games later from a replay if you wanted.

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having raidcall for tourney is good idea! :D

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I'm already chilling in it! I hope it becomes well used all the time cause it'd be awesome to chat outside of the event. <3

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I'm terribad, but I would love to participate.

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Just a couple more days until our community tournament, don't forget to set your alarms!

#86 Posted by SSully (4616 posts) -

I actually hope to get in on this. I have an appointment around then, but I should be back in time. Hope to see you all then!

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Looks like I'm not going to be home much tomorrow, so it's probably safe to take my stream info off the first post. Hopefully I'll be around for the next one!

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@wrathofconn said:

Looks like I'm not going to be home much tomorrow, so it's probably safe to take my stream info off the first post. Hopefully I'll be around for the next one!

That's too bad. Hope to see you next time!

24 hours left before the tournament starts, hope to see alot of people there. Also, as a recommendation to my fellow players from Europe(or other parts of the world), you might want to play a couple practice matches on the US server, because though the lag isn't that noticable nor should it really affect your play, it's still there and it's a good thing to get accustomed to it.

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Hmm... I get off work at 6pm today (it's 10:30am local time). Tournament begins approximately 15.5 hours from now, so if I eat dinner quickly and all I may be able to get in some sleep around 9pm which will likely get me... 4 hours of sleep before the tournament? Close shave... such a dilemma...

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I've been laddering a bit, more than I expected to be able to, so maybe I won't do all that bad. Can't wait :D

#91 Posted by Confirm4Crit (171 posts) -

I'll be on tomorrow around noon if anyone wants to practice before the tourney? I'm assuming we'll have a post in the morning about brackets an' stuff. If I die or my internet ceases to exist, I apologize, and best of luck to everyone :D

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I'd like to sign up too! Im wunder's bro ^_^

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Sign ups are now live!

Go here to sign up: http://binarybeast.com/xHotS130310126

Sign-ups will remain open until the start of the tournament, which is in 6 hours from me posting this message. You can see the official start time in my first post, there's also a handy link to a time-zone website which you can use if you're not sure. Let me know if something's unclear or not working.

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Hope everyone been practicing for this its going to be fun.

#97 Posted by Daggith (27 posts) -

I won't get very far, but I'm in! I played in a couple of the early tournaments shortly after WoL launch and they were always a good time.

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Me and Hecktick(StepwiseDuchess) are chilling in the GB Raidcall group right now, come join us if you feel like it. It's kinda lonely here right now. :(

Group name is Giant Bomb SC2 (group id: 5863394)

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I signed up, woo.

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I apparantly screwed up the timezones again. Tournament start time is in 1 hour, 5 minutes from now.