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NOTE: If you're playing on Americas or Europe, first make sure you join the GiantBomb group. That is the best way to find out who's online and what they're up to.

This is the match-making thread for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Use the table below to find someone interested in the same things you are and send them a friend invite. If you want your info added to the table you can send me a PM or post the info required in this thread.


I need the following information if you want to be added to this matchmaking table:

  1. Preferred Game Type(s) (Ranked 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4; Unranked 2v2 etc; Sparring; vs. AI; Custom; Spectate)
  2. League/Skill (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grand Master)
  3. Name#Code (eg. Starcow#674) with a link to your profile page found by logging in at http://battle.net/sc2/
  4. Main Race(s)
  5. Timezone (+/- UTC)
  6. Preferred Voicechat Type (N/A, Any, battle.net, Steam, Ventrilo etc)
  7. Primary Region (Americas, Europe, Korea & Taiwan, Southeast Asia)

Your character code can be found on your Friends List under Add Friend > Character Friend on the bottom left corner.

If you would like to be listed for more than one region, I will need your Name#Code for each one as it is region specific.


GiantbombGame Type(s)League/Skillbattle.net IDMain Race(s)TimezonePreferred Voice
csl316Ranked (2v2), Unranked (2v2), vs. AIGoldDexterMorgan#388Terran-6 UTCb.net
DarkstalkerRanked (2v2)BronzeBradBrains#1765Zerg-4 UTCAny
FluxWaveZRanked (?), Unranked (?), Sparring, CustomDiamond (?)FluxWaveZ#478Zerg-5 UTCN/A
FredchuckdaveRanked (3v3, 4v4), Unranked (3v3, 4v4)DiamondEfreet#1563Protoss???Vent
mithhunter55Ranked (?)Goldmith#708Protoss, Zerg???Skype, Steam
Psych???GrandmasterPsych#142Terran-6 UTCSkype
SackmanjonesRanked (All), Unranked (All)Bronze (?)Sackmanjones#1464Terran, Zerg (?)-8 UTCSteam
SarneckiRanked (All)SilverSarnecki#396Zerg-8 UTCSkype, TSpeak
Spectre_SigmaSparring, vs. AI, Custom???SpectreSigma#218Zerg-5 UTCAny
spiralcutRanked (All), Unranked (All), Sparring, vs. AIDiamondProphet#399Zerg-4 UTCVent
StarvingGamerRanked (All), Unranked (All), Sparring, vs. AIPlatinum (?)Starcow#674Random-7 UTCAny, Vent
Wunder_SparringDiamondWunder#528Terran+8 UTCAny


GiantbombGame Type(s)League/Skillbattle.net IDMain Race(s)TimezonePreferred Voice

Korea & Taiwan

GiantbombGame Type(s)League/Skillbattle.net IDMain Race(s)TimezonePreferred Voice

Southeast Asia

GiantbombGame Type(s)League/Skillbattle.net IDMain Race(s)TimezonePreferred Voice


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Sure, I'm up for this after I finish the campaign. You should also tell people to join the Giant Bomb group to make things easier.

  1. 1v1 all day, but I'm not too opposed to teams. I'm not totally sure what monobattles are, but I could be into those too.
  2. Diamond in WoL. Dunno what'll happen in HotS.
  3. FluxWaveZ. Forgot where to find my code.
  4. Zerg
  5. -5 GMT
  6. None
  7. Uh, any?
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1. 1v1 please.

2. Silver HOTS

3. Wunder #528

4. Terran

5. GMT +8

6. Any

7. Any except EU (I assume it'll be laggy)

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@fluxwavez: If you go to your friends list, select "Add Friend" then select "Character Friend" and it should tell you your character code in the bottom left corner.

@fluxwavez: @wunder_: Maybe I should have said primary region. I'm talking about the region where the battle.net ID you're giving me lives, as your Name#Code is going to be different depending on the region you're playing on. For example on EU my character code is 803 instead of 674. If you'd like to be listed on more than one region then I'll need your specific Name#Code for each region. I should probably update the OP.

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  1. vs. AI (for now), 2v2 Ranked/Unranked
  2. Gold
  3. DexterMorgan#388
  4. Terran
  5. Central -6
  6. Battle.net
  7. America

Probably won't be on much yet due to Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, God of War, Crysis, and more. But hell, if I catch the bug again who knows what'll happen.

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@starvinggamer: Oops, that makes sense if I actually paid attention. Americas please!

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Just a suggestion, but wouldn't it make more sense for you to only list 1v1 league? As team league dsnt really denote how good you are individually as a player, 1v1 does a better job of that and would lead to better pairings even if you only wanted to play team games...

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  1. Ranked 2v2 or 1v1 but dont care
  2. Bronze,. low skill level
  3. BradBrains#1765
  4. Zerg
  5. Atlantic +4
  6. any Voice
  7. Americas
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  1. Ranked 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4; Unranked 2v2 etc; Sparring 1v1; any vs AI testing.
  2. League/Skill Diamond
  3. Prophet#399, http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/429128/1/Prophet/
  4. Zerg/Toss
  5. Timezone Eastern, -4 GMT
  6. Vent
  7. Americas
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  1. Ranked 1v1, 2v2, 3v3
  2. Silver
  3. Sarnecki#396
  4. Zerg
  5. West Coast Pacific
  6. Teamspeak/Skype
  7. Western Canada

So I'm in Silver, and I really want to up my play to Gold or higher. I've been watching pro matches and learning the macro micro tricks needed to win as Zerg(mostly from Idra), but I would love if some gold or even Diamond guys wouldn't mind flattening me in a match or two and helping me expose my most obvious flaws. and weaknesses.

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@sarnecki: I only got to gold in WoL and HoTS this week. Always felt i was better then silver just got discouraged. Played a lot of League of Legends the past year.

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It's very annoying because I'm at the point where I know this stuff. I know soft and hard counters, I know how to properly build expand, defend, I know I need to be scouting waaaaay more than I am, and I know I need to be even better with hot keys. I'm still not comfortable building units with hotkeys while I micro my army. It's just a question of applying that knowledge by head butting a brick wall over and over and over.

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I...I've never played Starcraft but from watching it looked like a ton of fun. So I don't have a lot of info but I will give by best estimates.

1. Ranked and unranked 1v1 2v2 3v3

2.Probably will be bronze

3. Sackmanjones#1464

4. I'm gonna guess either Terran or Zerg

5. West Coast

6. Steam

7. Western Americas

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@sarnecki: Hotkeys aren't especially difficult for Zerg or Protoss or numerous Terran builds (suppose there's a handful that use all 3 unit producers); for zerg it's just 1 for hatcheries and maybe 1-2 for Evo chambers/spires, with additional ones being used on queens; for toss you can get away with just gateways most of the time (or alternatively just stargates as the nouveau strategy seems to be), by the time you have enough robotics facilities pumping out a lot of immortals/colossi you should also be nearing the supply limit at which point army control is much more important than periodic reinforcement. F2 solves a lot of issues though I suppose you need a keyboard where F2 is unobtrusively placed. Initial build is important but much more important is your ability to make the correct units and use them aggressively and efficiently; most other factors are largely peripheral to your success.

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1. Ranked 1v1

2. Grand Master

3. Psych #142

4. Terran

5. Mountain Standard Time

6. Skype

7. Americas!

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Please update my league to Diamond, thanks <3

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  1. Sparring, vs. AI, Custom
  2. N/A New Player
  3. SpectreSigma#218
  4. Zerg
  5. UTC -5
  6. Any
  7. Americas

I just started playing Starcraft II. I've always played a little of the campaign, but not much in multiplayer. I've been playing the training matches for Zerg and I'm starting to get the hang of the mechanics and thought it would be worthwhile to get some practice games against real people. I haven't done my placement matches yet for any of the ladders. I just want to get more comfortable with playing the game first before I jump in to that. So yeah, if anybody would be willing to help me out with a sparring match or two, I would greatly appreciate it.

On a related note, the Director of my Dept. at work is apparently a huge Starcraft fan and has been playing the game for years. When he found out I was just starting the game, he has been heckling me. So I got to get better and learn the ZvT match up so I can take him down.

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1. 1v1/what ever

2. Dia EU

3. BALDGYE#628

4. Protoss

5. GMT

6. nah


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  1. Any (mostly playing v AI and customs lately)
  2. Silver
  3. Goblinoid #513
  4. Random~
  5. CST
  6. Any, Skype, Mumble (mumble://
  7. Americas

Hey guys, I'm charging back into the GB community after a long hiatus, and I'd love to play some Starcraft with y'all. Also, I run a barcraft in frigid Minnesota.