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Hi my folks of the Giant bomb pesuasion I have a 75% off coupon that Steam just gave me, so who wants a free game?

So whoever guesses what my username really means first (shouldn't take long) get's it. Come one, come all!

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To masturbate?

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@video_game_king: Close enough Video_Game_King! Ha

I lost a drinking game bet a while back so now my username has to be Masturbator. (twisted the rules a little bit). Anyway, add me on Steam, Mickrel is my username, it'll be with you shortly! Give me a bell when you add me so I know it's you I'm giving the game to.

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I seem to be having trouble finding you, since copy/pasting that username into Steam gets me nothing. My username here is the same on Steam.

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Found you, will add and gift you! Enjoy!