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Everyone I know games on 360 / PS3 so my steam friends list is empty. I haven't played a ton of multiplayer on there lately but what with all the social features in Steam now it would be nice to have people on my list so it doesn't feel so empty, and I can see what everyone is playing, enjoying etc. So if you want to fill up friend slot then add me!

Steam user name is: - Pobb or the link to my profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/pageboy81

Couldn't find a sticky of Giantbomb Steam community usernames or anything, hence this thread. Hope its OK.

Thanks Duders


Thanks to everyone that sent me a request over the last few months. Up to 189 duders now and I'll keep adding everyone who asks until I hit the cap.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a great new year!!!

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I'll add you, I've only got a mac at the moment so I only really play Civ. V or LFD 2 online. However, I'll soon be building a gaming PC. I don't have many friends on steam either, although it's been kind of pointless until I started playing online a little, and will be more fun once I have a gaming PC. :D

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There was a thread like this at some point. That being said I don't really have any Steam friends either so I'll add you. Why not.

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BOOM! Added. Not very active when it comes to MP games myself though.

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I will add you like whenever~

Can't hurt to have more I suppose. :p

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Added. I don't have a ton of friends myself, but what the hell :D

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I added you. I need more friends too.

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I also had no friends... Until Left 4 Dead. I have around 50 friends now that I keep in regular contact with. Play a game with pubbies and if they have a microphone and are either friendly or entertaining, shoot them a friend invite. I need to start doing this with DOTA, but it seems like the playerbase is more hostile than other games.

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Added ya !

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Added! I've had my damn Steam account for 4 years and haven't played anything yet so hopefully you don't mind my profile's lack of anything.

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@chiablo: Yeah I need to start doing that. For a while now I've been doing most of my multiplayer stuff on consoles because everyone I work with plays on them, but I'm gravitating to PC more and more these days so I'll give it a go.

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Added ya !


@godlyone said:

Added! I've had my damn Steam account for 4 years and haven't played anything yet so hopefully you don't mind my profile's lack of anything.

No worries, thanks!

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I'm crcruz3 on Steam, i've just sent an invite!

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Just got a steam and feel weird about my lack of friends on the friends list as well. I'll add you right now my name is french023.

Anyone who is looking for more friends please add me! Would be down to play anything -- http://steamcommunity.com/id/stephenfrancais

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sure, I have a lack of friends on my steam for the exact same reason so i'll add you :)

anyone else is also welcome :)

steam id - weestephen

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I have no friends and I must Steam.

Add me, bro!

MariachiMacabre on Steam.

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I have no friends either :-( I would love it if I can add you guys as well! Steam name is moeqawama

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I'll add you sir, marvel at my 100 hours of Heroes VI played (Spoilers: Not even 1/3rd done)

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You guys are so nice.

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Anybody is free to add me. I have too many games I don't play.


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I don't have many friends on there either.
I actually only have 7 friends on there and then a bunch of internet people I play games with and interact with as well.

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I got you. if anyone on here wants to add me, my name on steam is just afabs

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Just added you op. gogosox82 on steam : )

Edit: here's my profile if anyone wants to add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/gogosox82

Feel free to add duders!

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Added you, if anyone wants to add me my steam name is Confused_Owl. I may add a couple more duders myself.

I have no friends and I must Steam.

Add me, bro!

MariachiMacabre on Steam.

Just a heads up. Your steam doesn't show up in the search results.

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Added you, Grumbellgast. You got 130 hours in The Binding of Isaac, so I salute you.

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Done! If you guys want to add me as well http://steamcommunity.com/id/alcordrd .

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My leg hurts

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@pageboy: I'm in the same boat you're in. I need some steam friends!


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I'm not the biggest mp player, but I've trying to get into DOTA2 (thanks Brad.) Also, dat Payday 2.


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