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#1 Posted by kaos_cracker (978 posts) -

Like it says, it be nice to have some Steam friends to play with, as I have none at the moment.

Steam ID: Kaoscracker

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#2 Posted by mak_wikus (695 posts) -

No problem. Invite sent.

My SteamID is makwikus.

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#3 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

My SteamID is sohail1234

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#4 Posted by DeepSpace9MM (164 posts) -

Mine is Technicolor Yawn. Send me an invite or whatever, duder.

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#5 Posted by Nightriff (6987 posts) -

Anyone who wants to add me feel welcome to

ID - NTylerWeTrust

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#6 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

You have recently made some comments i highly agree with so game On! Steam ID: CitizenX3639

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#7 Posted by Corevi (6795 posts) -

Sure, I could use more people on my friends list. Steam ID: CorruptedEvil

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#10 Posted by impartialgecko (1831 posts) -

I like friends! Steam ID: impartialgecko

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#11 Posted by mason20 (349 posts) -

Sure I'll throw mine out there.. steam ID: adamthe25

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#12 Posted by max_alford (11 posts) -

Why not. Let's get this train a-rollin'.

Guy Kazama

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#13 Posted by Jackhole (407 posts) -
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#14 Posted by slyspider (1709 posts) -

I will add you!

I'm Slyspider

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#15 Posted by ElContusione (18 posts) -
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#16 Posted by Keirgo (77 posts) -

Sure, why not, I'll get in on this too.

Invite sent. :)

I'm Kei on Steam, anyone is welcome to add me if they'd like.

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#18 Posted by Throwdown (29 posts) -

I'm going to add every who has posted so far

Here is my profile if anyone else wants to add me

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#22 Posted by noboners (164 posts) -

Yeah I'd be down for some friends too.

Steam ID- noboners

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#23 Posted by Usernameandemail (128 posts) -
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#24 Posted by BurBan_Snake (398 posts) -


Everyone else, add me! Kadash is my steam name! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197984644124

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#25 Posted by MJLL (18 posts) -


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#26 Posted by ShaggE (8050 posts) -

What the hey. Let's Steam like the city of Cleveland.

id: shagge1771

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#27 Edited by xamon0288 (6 posts) -

Why not just add me


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#28 Posted by johncallahan (824 posts) -

I'm always down to have some more friends. My PC multiplayer groups are rather sparse. ID is jonny126 if anyone be interested!

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#30 Posted by Bobafeet (91 posts) -

ID - Bobafeet

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Hey guys I want in on this!


I'm away right now but I'll definitely go through this list of heroes when I'm home. :-)

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#32 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1242 posts) -

Added you, and will go through the list adding everyone else! Bwahaha!
Here is me as well.

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#33 Posted by Nictel (2695 posts) -

ID: Nictel

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#34 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6270 posts) -

ID: Baby Choo Choo

Feel free to add me especially if you play Dota2 and you're laid back

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#35 Edited by Bwampo (21 posts) -

Swell! I've always thought it would be cool to have a friend!

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#37 Posted by dgtlty (413 posts) -

Added a whole bunch of you! Feel free to add me too.


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#38 Posted by xXHesekielXx (378 posts) -

No problem! Feel free to add me as well duders.

ID: Pri.Vi or http://steamcommunity.com/id/xXHesekielXx/

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#39 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1150 posts) -

Eh what the hell. Anyone feel free to add me.

ID is Confused_Owl

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#41 Posted by Ravelle (2413 posts) -

Feel free to add me, ID is Ravelle.

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#42 Posted by h0lgr (962 posts) -

Go ahead and add me, I'll play most games co-op or otherwise
Steam ID: h0lgr

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#43 Posted by HarlechQuinn (456 posts) -

Okay, I'll join this celebration of friendship as well. Please feel free to add me:

Steam ID: Harlech Quinn

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#44 Posted by pinner458 (1212 posts) -

I'd love to have some people to play Divekick with, I haven;t tried in a few months but last time I tried I couldn't get a game.

Steam ID: Frymillstrum

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#45 Posted by VintAge68 (100 posts) -

I sent you an invite: boucfidel

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#46 Posted by Belegorm (1557 posts) -

I haven't played many multiplayer games recently except league, but I've been really wanting to start playing some magicka, or something!

Steam ID: Belegorm

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#47 Edited by EuanDewar (5160 posts) -

I'll send you one duder. Anyone else feel free to hit me up too if you want to add me, or not. I'm not that cool!

Steam ID: euandewar

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#48 Edited by OmniscientCajun (154 posts) -

Come now, we can be friends. I love friends!!

Steam ID: omniscientcajun

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Steam ID:FrankofTV

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#50 Posted by UitDeToekomst (799 posts) -

I'm more of a console guy, but I'd welcome some Steam friends for when i do play stuff on PC/Mac.

Steam ID: UitDeToekomst