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I now have 365 games activated on Steam. So i could theoretically play a game every single day for an entire year, and not repeat.

Between steam sales, amazon sales, and humble bundles I've somehow amassed an absurd backlog, i'm sure there are other out there who have more than I, so how many games do giantbombers have activated to their steam accounts?

#2 Posted by Demoskinos (13869 posts) -

Ive lost count.

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Going by my "All Games" count? 366, suck it! I'm equipped for a leap year.

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Ive lost count.

You can actually check by hovering over the library tab on steam.

#5 Posted by Atwa (564 posts) -

At 542 right now, all those sales.

#6 Posted by csl316 (7364 posts) -

I try not to think about it.

#7 Posted by m4r71n2012 (28 posts) -

i have 55 and I thought that was too many to play, I cant even comprehend hundreds of games

#8 Posted by fisk0 (3292 posts) -

843 games and 641 DLC's according to Steam. If I recall correctly it counts a few games as multiple, since stuff like Call of Duty have separate library entries for the Multiplayer and Singleplayer parts, but I guess that may be balanced by stuff like Commander Keen, Blake Stone and Rise of the Triad, where several games are bundled together as a single Library entry, and you have to right click it to launch specific games.

#9 Posted by weegieanawrench (1918 posts) -

Something like 160.

#10 Posted by mosespippy (3751 posts) -

Just checked and it seems I have 8 and most of them I haven't started or sunk in as much time as I'd like.

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This isn't counting the 70+ Ps3 Exclusives I've got chilling over on my shelf, the 150 or so Ps2 games I purchased, and have burned to my PC for emulation, or the 50 or so Wii/Gamecube games I collected for burning/emulation as well. I've also got a few PC classics that don't show up on Steam in disc form, like Battle for Middle Earth 1/2/Exp, NOLF1/2, Armies of Exigo, Army Men RTS, etc.

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I don't know that buying consumer goods should be considered a milestone in your life.

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@demoskinos said:

Ive lost count.

You can actually check by hovering over the library tab on steam.

SHHH. Don't bring logic into this.

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Hmmm... oh wow, 312! that is about.. 70 more than I thought I had!


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294 games and actually feel pretty bad about it, I think I have superficially played like 30% of that. Needles to say the games I've actually invest time on are like 5% of the whole.

As right now DayZ could be my only steam game and It wouldn't make any difference for my PC gaming time. I wish I could delete and bury like 80% of those games! shame on me.

#16 Posted by Sin4profit (2870 posts) -

i've got 809 but on a shared account it only shows around 760...hmm, wonder what that's about.

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226 for me.

#18 Posted by RazielCuts (2711 posts) -

364. And I've probably actually only played about 1/3 of that. Damn you steam sales and indie/humble bundles.

#19 Posted by russman588 (53 posts) -

319 with a 16% completion rate. It's rating that based on achievements. I've played around 30% of the games I own on there.

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206, I love it when an entire collection of 12 games goes on sale for 7 bucks

#21 Posted by SomberOwl (509 posts) -

I know I'm not the only one but I have to finish the game I'm playing to start a new one or buy a new one. Unless it's a multiplayer game I can switch back and forth between a single player game. But that's it.

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169 for me and I've played pretty much all of them.

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643 here. The majority of which have been played and completed. I think last time I went through the list it was something like 15 or 20 I had never touched that I just had no interest in. Most likely from buying bundles for one particular game and getting extra crap.

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I'm relatively mild at 195.

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I've got a fair amount (138). Nowhere near as much as other people in this conversation, holy shit. I've pretty much decided not to purchase another game until I've completed a majority of my backlog which is about 60% of the 138 give or take.

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206 and I've played like half of them, and even then only usually for a couple hours each... In my defence theres a lot of shit I don't have any desire to play on there, that came bundled with stuff I did want to play. Like when the fuck am I gonna play the Wallace and Grommit adventure game? Never, that's when. I wish Steam would let you deactivate games from your account, I'd feel so much better after a quick cull.

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I've got 104, and currently 30 of those are installed.

#28 Posted by CornBREDX (4457 posts) -

I'm up to 265 games in my steam list. 262 if I subtract the games I did not pay for as they released as free to play (I say that because some I paid for and then went free to play later so I still count those).

I keep my back log in my favorites list of which I currently have 42.

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318, but some of it is garbage that I will never play from bundles, and a shit ton of episodics which all count as 1 each.

#30 Posted by Trilogy (2569 posts) -

Compared to you guys, I have a paltry 110.

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fewf, I thought I had a lot. Well 625 isn't not a lot... but still not the most by a long shot. I've seen someone with a badge for over 1k games. THAT'S a lot.

#32 Posted by Gantrathor (166 posts) -

I will be impressed if you tell me that you've played even half of those games.

#33 Posted by ozzdog12 (846 posts) -

90. Played 17. 15 or so I have played and completed on other systems like Darksiders, Bastion, Limbo etc.

#34 Posted by TheHT (10285 posts) -

227! Way, way, way less than all of my console and handheld games combined. Steam doesn't have all of my PC games, but it's got most of em. It's just so easy to buy stuff digitally, and when you factor in the Steam sales, well then you suddenly end up owning more games than you can shake a stick at.

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I have like 20 ish.

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I got 298 right now, with a good chunk of them coming from Humble Bundles.

#37 Posted by DonutFever (3515 posts) -

About 90.

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I was working towards 400 as being my next big milestone and after just checking now I apparently blew past it and went to 423 at some point. So much garbage I will never touch that I have no idea how it got there too. I really hope valve gets around to adding more ways to sort and order our game libraries because it's a nightmare going through that list and seeing what I want to play. I tried going through and making groups for games I beat, games with online, etc, but there's just so many cross sections of groups that it became impossible. The fact that we still have to add and remove these games one at a time instead of just giving us a check box to tick off when trying to move them around groups/favourites is insane to me.

Also, according to the number of my console/handheld games list I'm at 94 of those. Jesus I have a lot of video games. If I could tell kid me that was in heaven when he got 1-2 games a year that one day he would have over 500+ games he would have a heart attack.

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306 and I haven't even touched half of them. Goddamn you, Steam Sales and Humble Bundles.

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373 games and 184 DLC. Fucking indie bundles

Edit: 378 after I saw that Star Wars bundle on daily deal.

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@l4wd0g said:

I don't know that buying consumer goods should be considered a milestone in your life.

He said STEAM milestone, not a life milestone.

Try not to be such a downer.

#43 Posted by 8Bit_Archer (427 posts) -

Steam Gauge

Over the last 3 years, I've spent 1312.7 hours playing this selection, which includes 303 items, is valued at $3651.38, and requires 1242.7 GB to install.

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357, god dammit. How will I survive the year?

#45 Posted by cadwr (46 posts) -

I just hit 1100 today, I guess I could go 3 years. =\

#46 Posted by GodlyOne (127 posts) -

20 games in my library and I'm ashamed by that number, though I've only been using Steam for about 3 months now. Bright side is that I haven't overwhelmed myself with games to play when I log into Steam.

#47 Posted by Reisz (1359 posts) -
@cadwr said:

I just hit 1100 today, I guess I could go 3 years. =\

Oh thank god. I'm only at like 211. There is still hope.

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Isn't more like a depressionstone rather than a milestone?

#49 Posted by Scrawnto (2413 posts) -

I hit 365 in the last few weeks. I'm a little above that now.

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@8bit_archer: I hate you a little bit right now. I didn't know what steam gauge was. Now I do. A horrible, terrible piece of software. I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or proud of those stats. I'm trying to convince myself it's proud. It has to be proud...

1016.8 hours playing

70 items

valued at $1143.41

requires 487.6 GB

That's like. Almost 43 days playing games. A month and a half. My God. lol.