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Instead of starting another new thread for discussion about this year's Steam sale, just going to edit this one slightly and pin it. Spend responsibly! Or not!

Also, please don't start new topics for individual games going on sale as part of the Holiday event. Let's try to keep as much as possible contained in this thread. Thanks!

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Come on AC4, Rome II and Arkham Origins!

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Get ready

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Maybe Steam will give me a refund for X Rebirth and Rome II. Oh I cannot wait to find out!

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i did not forget this was coming. ive been holding off on certain titles since the last one ended.

still, i must prepare myself

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Seems a bit early this year, but makes sense.

I hope they have some sort of event this year.

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Here's the key to surviving Steam sales: Buy everything you want now/think you will want/don't really want but man that's a really low price and what if my tastes in games changes down the lines that I actually like racing games then I'll feel real stupid about missing this deal so fuck it. Then future Steam sales become a piece of cake to get through! It worked for me, and it can for you too!

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I never buy much during these things but maybe something will catch my eye.

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Man i already spent way too much on video game related items this year.. On the good side i probably wont spend too mcuh since i have pretty much everygame i want from the previous sales, but somehow Gaben will find a way into my wallet.

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My wallet is ready :D

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it's all about those flash deals and then they reappear at the end of the sale.

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These videos will be never not be hilarious.

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I cant wait to spend ALL MY MONEY over the next few weeks.

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I didn't buy a single game in the Autumn Sale, so I need to make up for lost ground. LEGO MARVEL Super Hereos, The Stanley Parable, The Wolf Among Us, Rayman Origins + Legends, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Papers Please... so many games need to be bought.

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Don't shoot until you see the white of their daily deals! HOOOOOLD! HOOOOOOOOLD! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLDDD!

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The leaked document from ages ago seems to suggest that the sales will be the same as the last sale.

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@andorski: God damn you I need to buy all of those. I have no money I HATE YOU GABE.

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If I keep my spending to under $50, then it's a victory. I held firm during the Autumn Sale so I do have the ability to defend myself from spending money unwisely.

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need to get bioshock 2 and minerva's den . And there will be others. Basically archiving anything I like that was x box 360 or Ps 3 for me. It's time.

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this is gonna make me mad for not waiting another week for brothers...good game, but would have loved it more at 1/2 the price

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Well, the good thing about being a long time steam sale veteran is that you more than likely have most of the games you'd want already by the time this sale rolls around. There's a few things I'm looking to pick up, but for the most part I'm good.

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As someone who never buys PC games unless a Steam sale is going on, I've got a solid list of 11 games from this year I'll be grabbing.

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Nah, I'm good. I'm gonna use any money I'd spend there and upgrade my CPU. Intel, here I come! :3

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I feel like on the zoom in he starts smiling just a little bit more Rofl so great.

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That video as made my day, priceless!

Also, woo Steam sales. Let's hope they don't suck, I didn't buy a single thing in the last sales. We've been good boys and girls Father Gaben.

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Can't wait, here is my current wishlist -

Duke Nukem 3D Megaton edition

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Kerbal Space Program

XCOM: Enemy Within

Hurry up steam!

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I feel like I'm pretty well caught up on my gaming catalog (at least in what I own), but maybe some deals on smaller games will surprise me.

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Amazon started their stuff already. I bought Aliens: Colonial Marines for $2 because, well I have no idea why honestly. It does come with a $5 credit to use in January, but I'm set for months in games I haven't played. I think I have a problem.

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Rocksmith dlc please be 50-75% off...

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Didn't buy anything in the Autumn sale, pretty sure i can go for two in a row without buying anything.

Gaben has no power over me anymore.

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Summer Christmas

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I can't think of anything I actually want right now, but I know I'm going to end up buying a lot of shit just like I do every year. Screw you, Steam. Also, I love you.

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I want that new Shadow Warrior and XCOM expansion pack. I'm going write them down on a piece of paper and put it under my pillow. Also Mount and Blade for $1 or something crazy so I can be a little drummer boy.

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@humanity said:

I never buy much during these things but maybe something will catch my eye.

Same here, but I do love browsing and saying "WHHAAAAT! I'll totally buy that for that price!!"

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think ill dump $40 into my steam wallet and limit myself to that. you know, show some fucking restraint like a goddamn adult should.

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I'm hoping that Enslaved goes on sale. I missed this one on consoles and heard it was a good story.

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@ripelivejam: This is not in the spirit of the Steam sale. You total it up at the end that's half the fun!

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Nooo, somebody take my wallet. I don't wanna spend any more money. Somebody stop me!

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I feel like I've been conned, where da sale at brah.

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It's heeeeeere!

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One of the games on sale is the Pre-Order for Metal Gear Rising. That was unexpected.

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I ran out of money a while ago so I probably won't be getting much, if anything. I wouldn't mind if the Oblivion GOTY deluxe (Isn't that a great way to make money, two GOTY versions!) went on sale for more than 50% but I'm not holding out hope.

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Hahahaha of course Walking Dead Season Two is 10%, of course. Hahahahaha... fuck you Telltale.

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@jeanluc said:

Hahahaha of course Walking Dead Season Two is 10%, of course. Hahahahaha... fuck you Telltale.

It's been at 10% off since the preorders were available. I don't think it will really be a part of the winter sale.

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I'm only allowing myself to spend $10 on this sale. My backlog is unmanageably large already.

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It's not likely that Brothers will be more than 50% off, right?

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Sale is live now.